How to look and feel Great for your Prom

Prom CelebrationsProm is a special day, for most young school leavers in the UK. It marks the transition from school to adulthood that comes with the responsibility of making your life choices whilst developing your own identity.

It’s the last of your school days and probably, as your mum keeps telling you, the “best days of your life”. But above all, there’s that excitement of dressing up and dancing the night away with friends and maybe an “after party” or two !

Even the boys are getting into the excitement of prom. Dressing up for prom is beginning to move away from the traditional tuxedo now. The latest trends in suits and shoes are becoming the norm for expressing individuality as they provide the opportunity to show personality and unique eccentricity.

There are so many things to think about when preparing for your prom such as how to style hair and makeup for the girls, what to wear, how to arrive, it’s an extensive list!! It also only happens once, so you want to be at your best and be able to look back with fond memories. So whether your prom is this year or in a few years time, here is our 8 point checklist that can be started now to ensure you’ll have your best ever prom look.


1. Prepare your skin

Your skin is talking to you when you get breakouts and it’s way of saying help.

Not having naturally perfect skin doesn’t mean that you can’t have great skin for your prom, even if you do suffer with typical teen skin and breakouts. If you aren’t getting ready for prom yet you can still look after your skin to prevent breakouts, so if you don’t already have a skin care regime, now’s the time to start.

So what exactly causes a skin breakout ?

Well, you may have noticed that your skin is becoming much more oily in your teens and this oil is what contributes to breakouts. The oiliness is due to a hormone called androgen that becomes more pronounced around adolescence. It makes the oil glands grow and produce more sebum (what you know as oil). This can then mix with bacteria and dead skin cells on the skin to create blockages in your skin, which then causes a breakout.

The first reaction is to use products that dry up the oiliness, but many of these are strong and can cause stinging and burning or even dry out your skin. If the products you are using cause these reactions it’s likely that they aren’t working and in some cases can even make your skin concerns worse by increasing the amount of oiliness.

Now it’s time to dispel some myths about breakout prone skin !

  • Blackheads are not dirt in your pores ! – Black heads are oxidised sebum or oil that has changed colour by coming in contact with oxygen. A good skin care regime will keep those blackheads at bay. Exfoliation or a skin scrub is perfect for reducing blackheads.
  • Breakouts doesn’t mean that your skin is dirty skin – by keeping your skin clean and clear with the right products, you can help reduce or even clear breakouts by dealing with the causes.
  • SPF Does not give you breakouts – always protect your skin from the sun to prevent sun damage. SPF will not clock your pores and cause breakouts.
  • Eating the wrong foods can cause breakouts – Wrong! Although your skin, as well as your body, does benefit from a healthy diet, the causes of younger and teen skin breakouts is due to hormonal influences and not necessarily eating the wrong foods. That obviously doesn’t mean you can eat what you want, but it does help to explain the reasons why some people eating a healthy diet still get breakouts.

Did you know that you can get FREE skincare advice from a skincare therapist. Dermalogica salon’s such as Studio 8 Beauty, offer a free Skin bar experience where you can talk to a therapist who knows all about skin. You can get hints and tips for great skin, understand your specific skin concerns and try products that can treat and keep your skin looking great.

Dermalogica ClearStart offers a range of affordable skincare products for teenage or younger skin to treat break-out prone skin. The products contain potent active ingredients and gentle botanicals to deliver the clearest and healthiest skin ever. It is also reasonably priced with products ranging between £13 – £16 making it very economic to use.

At Studio 8 we offer a Teen Skin Microzone. This is a 20 minute treatment developed to provide a deep cleansing of the skin using specialised products that help address common teen skin breakout problems.

Other specialised treatments such as microdermabrasion, galvanic and high frequency facials are also beneficial for problem skin of all ages, especially if you are experiencing a bad breakout and need some extra professional help to get your skin on the path to recovery.


2. Look after your Smile

You don’t want to do any last minute things to brighten your teeth and smile, so keep on top of your oral hygiene on a daily basis by brushing your teeth regularly and visiting the dentist to keep those teeth healthy. If you wear a brace, ensure you are extra careful about cleanliness as they are much harder to clean but totally worthwhile when they are removed.


3. Get Your Brows in Shape

Plucking or waxing your brows the night before or on the day of your event can leave your skin red from irritation. Make sure you plan your brow shaping a few days before the prom in order to give you skin time to recover.

Girls, if you are looking for a wow brow then book a brow make over treatment such as Brow by Mii with a qualified therapist a few months before prom so you have time to get used to them.

Boys, banish that “unattractive mono brow” and go for a subtle tidy up a few days before prom so that you can turn on the charm.


4. Gorgeous Hair

If you want long shiny, healthy hair, there’s no better way to get it than by simply looking after your hair properly. Start looking at styles so you have something to aim for when growing it out and don’t be tempted to overdo the colouring. If you’re going to be wearing extensions, get them done the week before so that they’ve had time to settle before the big day. If you’re getting your hair done at a salon, book a trial in advance of your prom so that it all goes smoothly on the day.

Boys, make sure you get your cut done a week before the prom so you are looking your slickest and stock up on your favourite styling products.


5. Makeup

Girls , there’s nothing worse than leaving everything to the last minute. If you need help with your make up, you need to get organised ahead of time or you may find Mum doing her version of her favourite colours doesn’t quite suit you. Make sure you book in plenty of time to ensure availability for both the trial and on the day. Look for salons that do packages for prom.


6. Tan – Golden God and Golden Goddess

A tan makes you feel good and look slim, so why not cheat and have a spray tan ? Tanning is perfect for budding Prom Kings and Prom Queens and Sienna X Spray tanning creates a perfectly natural tan that develops in 5 – 8 hours. A tan the day before the prom is a must, but if you do leave it to the last minute or decide at the last minute that you would like one after all, then there’s even a tan that develops in 2-4 hours. Make sure you exfoliate and shave the day before and wear loose clothing to your appointment so that the tan does not rub whilst developing for the perfect tan.


7. Fingers and toes

If you have managed to grow your nails or if you don’t want them too long, a perfectly manicured look is a must. Go for matching fingers and toes for that touch of sophistication and why not add a touch of sparkle ? Gel polish is a must because you can get your nails done days before and they will look chip free and perfect for up to 2 weeks. Perfect for getting on all that pre prom pampering.


8. Lashes

Lashes are perfect for completing your look and if you’re fed up with strip lashes peeling , lash extensions that last 2-3 weeks are available to complete your look.


And there you have it … an 8 point checklist for the perfect prom prep !  😀 


If you would like to know more about your specific skin concerns, or to book any of the beauty or grooming treatments listed above, please contact the Studio 8 Beauty by email or telephone 023 9238 0692. A booking button is available on left side of this page if you prefer to book yourself online or if booking out of hours.

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