Mesotherapy Facial

An advanced facial, which infuses the deeper layers of the skin with vitamins, nutrients and hyaluronic acid.

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What is Mesotherapy ?


Mesotherapy is an advanced facial and consists of a series of multiple tiny injections into the mesodermal layer. Mesotherapy allows for the introduction of skin boosters, such as vitamins & nutrients & Hyaluronic acid, into the deeper skin layers. This is precisely where they can be most beneficial to skin.

Injecting is the only effective method of introducing these substances to the dermis where they can stimulate cell metabolism and enable more effective cell regeneration.

After treatment the skin will look:

    • Revived
    • Rejuvenated
    • Refreshed
    • Plumper
    • Radiant
    • Glowing
    • Firmer

Areas that can be treated are:

    • Face
    • Neck
    • Neckline
    • Back of the hand
    • Stretch marks and scars
A client having a Mesotherapy Treatment

This treatment is it’s a great alternative to fillers and is combined with a Glycolic Skin Peel and mask for optimal skin health. We also use LED light therapy can also be used to enhance results.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does it hurt?

The treatment is carried out with fine grade needles which enter the skin very quickly and with the least sensation. Most Clients report the treatment as being quite comfortable & relaxing for an advanced needling treatment. However certain areas such as around the nose and under the eye can be slightly more sensitive than other areas. Please consider tiredness, hunger and hormones can also heighten sensitivity.

How will my skin look after the treatment?

You will notice an immediate difference to your skin which will appear fuller plumper, more radiant and hydrated giving you back that youthful glow.

For some Clients the skin may appear a little redder and flushed immediately after the treatment and for a short time afterwards. Normal make up should be avoided for the 1st 24hrs although you can apply Mii Minerals mineral makeup post procedure if you require.

Due to the nature of the treatment you may see some minor blood spotting at the time of the treatment and this is perfectly normal. Collagen takes time to reproduce this can take 1 day to 7-10 days. As much as there are instant results you will see further improvements with time. Please remember a healthy diet with lots of water is recommended and smoking can cause collagen to become brittle limiting your results.

Do I need to prepare my skin for treatment?


  • No waxing 36/72 hours pre-treatment.
  • No sun exposure 2 weeks prior.

TIP – Advanced treatments are an investment in your skin. We highly recommend that you book a skin chat in advance of your treatment to discuss products that will prepare your skin in readiness for your treatment. Our expert skincare professionals can recommended professional products that will work in correlation with your treatment and ensure optimal results with least risk of down time

Is there any Aftercare?

Yes, correct aftercare should be followed after treatment to maximise results.

  • No heat 24/48 hours only warm water to gently cleanse.
  • Do not wax for 36/72hours post treatment.
  • No excessive exercise for 24 hours.
  • Minimum Spf 30 48 hours post treatment but ideally always to preserve results.
  • We recommend applying only our recommended professional.
  • No swimming 48/72 hours as chlorine can dry the skin and because of the risk of infection.
  • Mineral make up only 12-24 hours post treatment.
  • Always ensure your hands are clean before applying products to avoid infection.
  • No sun exposure 2weeks before/after treatment.

TIP – Advanced treatments are an investment in your skin. We highly recommend that you book a skin chat in advance of your treatment to discuss products that will prepare your skin in readiness for your treatment and that you can use post treatment to enhance results. Our expert skincare professionals can recommended professional products that will work in correlation with your treatment and ensure optimal results with the least risk of down time are achieved.

Is there any down time?

No, you can resume normal social activities straight after subject to aftercare restrictions listed above.

How often do I require this treatment?

Mesotherapy can be done weekly or for special occasion.

As this treatment strengthens and builds collagen the results re-builds and rejuvenates skin tissue you can expect results that refresh your skin even after 1 treatment however for Clients seeking optimal results a course of 6 is recommended with some recommended maintenance on a case by case basis.

Needle-free Mesotherapy

If you don’t like the idea of needles, there is an effective needle-free mesotherapy alternative available at Studio 8 Beauty.
Needle-free mesotherapy or No-Needle Mesotherapy is a groundbreaking skincare technique that rejuvenates the skin without the need for painful injections or surgery and has numerous benefits for achieving healthier and more youthful-looking skin.


What is Needle-free Mesotherapy?

Needle-free mesotherapy is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment that delivers essential nutrients, vitamins, and other active ingredients directly into the skin without the use of traditional needles using a technique called electroporation.

This innovative technique offers a pain-free alternative to traditional mesotherapy, making it an attractive option for those seeking to enhance their skin’s appearance without the discomfort of traditional injections. The result is 70% penetration of active & beneficial ingredients into the skin compared to other techniques, which infuse only 10% of the product. Compared to needle mesotherapy techniques that deliver 100% of the ingredient into the skin this treatment really packs a punch.


How does electroporation work?

Electroporation’s innovative technique enhances the absorption of essential nutrients by affecting the permeability of the skin, which it does through controlled electrical pulses passed through an electrical handset. As the electrical device moves over the skin, the electrical pulses create a temporary “split” or “opening” in the skin cells that allow beneficial ingredients to be pushed into the skin. As the device moves away from the skin, the opening closes, and the ingredients are retained in the skin. At Studio 8 Beauty, we use the Klein EL device, which includes 2 handsets that allow even smaller areas to be treated comfortably.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Electroporation feel like?

The therapist will adjust the machine settings individual to the client. The treatment is pain-free, and some clients feel no sensation at all, whereas others may feel a slight tingling sensation. Clients with fillings may experience a slight metallic taste which is perfectly normal.

Is there any downtime to needle-free mesotherapy?

There is no downtime after needle-free mesotherapy, although we do advise that for a few hours, some clients may appear a little pinker immediately after treatment and that hot temperatures should be avoided. We always recommend SPF for all clients regardless of the treatment as an essential everyday protection against skin ageing.

How often should I have the treatment?

Electroporation can be carried out weekly, and we recommend 4– 6 treatments depending on the treatment area and desired results, but it can be taken as a single treatment for a skin treatment or special occasion.

Can the treatment be used around the eyes?

Yes and needle-free mesotherapy is very effective as a stand-alone eye rejuvenation treatment.

Can the treatment be added to my CACI Non-Surgical Treatment?

Yes, electroporation is fantastic to add to your CACI treatment.

Can the treatment be added to my Facial Treatment?

Yes and needle-free mesotherapy can be added to a variety of facials. Please ask your therapist for recommendations.



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