It’s time to face the peel

by Thea Leonard – Therapist Studio 8 Beauty


“Your skin always looks amazing” say my clients. So I’m going to tell you how to achieve “my skin”



I’m religious about caring for my skin using professional products everyday, Dermalogica being my hero. I also have regular advanced facials including the “scary” peel. YES I peel regularly to look like I do.


Do my clients ever see me looking red, swollen, my skin falling off, flaking ?


NO is the answer, and why is this? Because I perform safe, prescribed chemical peels.



Skin Peel treatment with Thea LeonardA chemical peel is a fast, effective facial that improves fine lines, scarring, acne, dullness and large pores. It’s the most powerful non surgical ingredient for skin improvement.

But before you can enjoy and love this advanced facial, you have to “prep” your skin, which must be hydrated for maximum results.

You also need to build your skins’ tolerance to professional exfoliation. You can’t jump from A-C with out B for safe, maximum results.

A peel from myself requires some homework from you. I need you to be committed to a professional skin care regime which I will prescribe for you. Why, because this adds value to your skincare treatment and guarantees peel safety.



Too much exfoliation too soon or incorrect prescription can cause skin sensitivity and / or adverse effects which we do not want. You’ll need to work with me to get your skin ready as no one wants to look like Samantha post peel from the sex in the city show!


“I won’t look like Samantha from sex in the city will I” … 


NO you won’t.


So why does she look like that after her peel ?


Well there could be a couple of reasons why she looks like she does in that episode:

  1. The wrong type of peel for her, not prescribed correctly.
  2. Her aftercare wasn’t given or followed.
  3. This type of chemical peel does exist but is a high strength TCA 70 % acid.



I do not perform TCA peels (trichloracetic acid) as these are only to be used by medical professionals and not skincare professionals. The peels I will be using on your skin will be a range of Glycolic, lactic, and fruit AHA’s. Their strength ranges from 8% to 40%, which means zero downtime enabling you to achieve that glow in your lunch break and return to work looking fabulous or turn up to that event with skin like a celebrity. No hiding away, you flaunt that peel not fear that peel!


Excited ? … of course you are. So come and book in with myself Thea Leonard for a flawless radiant skin at Studio 8 beauty, your skin is in safe hands.


Find out more about our exciting “Beautylab Glycolic Peel Treatment.” A full treatment designed with your comfort, ultimate results & relaxation in mind.


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