Flutter those Lashes naturally with MYscara

by Lisa Young – Salon Director


woman having MYscara appliedIf you are looking for an alternative to lash extensions then we have just the thing for you !

MYscara is a professionally applied semi-permanent mascara that will not smudge, is 100% waterproof and lasts for up to 2-3 weeks before the coating starts to wear off or is professionally removed.

MYscara uses a unique specialised glue that is flexible and once dried bends with the natural lash. The specialised glue is blended with thickening fibres and an extra black pigment to create a professional product that adds length, curl and colour to the natural lashes, which creates a mascara look from natural to glamorous without the need to reapply each day.

The treatment requires 24 hrs for the adhesive to set but after that it is 100% waterproof making it great for everyday or special occasions.

MYscara is great for all looks as the lash technician can layer the look to create a totally natural enhanced look right up to a fuller look. It’s a bit like layering mascara but once it’s on it doesn’t budge making it a perfect alternative to lash extensions for holidays.

MYscara must be removed professionally to prevent damage to your natural lashes but it can be reapplied immediately so there is no need to ever go without. Better still, it only takes 20 to 30 minutes to apply. It can be applied to both lower and upper lashes depending on your preference so is a great fix for your lashes when you get that last minute invite or just as a lunchtime treat.


How is MYscara applied ?

Your lash technician will prepare the lashes and apply the MYscara with your eyes closed. Your therapist will gently coat your lashes using the fibres in the MYscara to extend, thicken and curl the lashes. The application is similar to traditional mascara except that your lashes will be arranged and fanned out so they sit perfectly spaced and lifted. Finally, your lashes will be checked and adjusted to ensure that they are clump free and correctly spaced using fine tweezers and brushes.

MYscara is odourless, very comfortable to wear and have applied as a treatment. As with any glue and adhesive based treatment and especially around the eyes you will however require a patch test 24 hours prior to your treatment. This is to ensure that you are not sensitive to any of the product ingredients.

So if you are:

  • Fed up with applying mascara.
  • Have smudged panda eyes.
  • Find it difficult to apply mascara.
  • Want a hassle free false eyelash effect.

MYscara is a must !

If you are looking for lashes with even more Va Va Voom then MYscara can be combined with a lash perm or lift to create an even more wide eyed look.



Alternative Treatments to MYscara

If you are looking for similar or alternative treatments, the following lash treatments are great alternatives to MYscara.


La La Express or Lash Perfect Express Lash extensions

La La Express Lashes are individual lashes that are applied to the natural lashes by placing on the lashes. They are not applied as an isolated 1 lash on 1 lash, which means that they can be arranged to create a structure to hold more lashes and create a fuller look. It also means that La La Lashes can be used to create a natural to full glam look depending on your requirements.

These lashes cannot be combed or brushed or even have mascara applied because of the way that they are applied. La La Express must be removed completely after 2-3 weeks to prevent breakage to the natural lashes as they can pull on the natural lash if left over this time.

La La lashes (also known as Lash Perfect Express), are great for Clients wanting a look that they do not need to maintain or purely for occasional use. So perfect for holidays and special occasions.


Lash Perfect Lash extensions

Lash Perfect Lash extensions are applied 1 lash on 1 lash to create length, thickness and volume to your natural lashes. As they are applied using an isolated 1 lash on 1 lash technique, they do not need a full removal. Instead, they can be maintained every 7 – 10 days to “fill in the gaps” where the natural lash has dropped away taking the lash extension with it.

With 1 on 1 lashes the time they last is dependent on your personal natural lash cycle. This varies from person to person and even from month to month.

One on one lashes are great for clients that want to wear lashes longer term or for clients who have a number of special occasions that they want to use them for. You can save time and money maintaining 1 set rather than applying, removing and then replacing La La Lashes. Lash perfect Lashes take 1.5 to 2 hours to apply on the initial application. Maintenance sessions can be from 15 to 60 minutes. With Lash perfect or one on one lashes, you are however limited to the number of natural lashes that you have as you can only apply 1 lash on 1 lash.

Because these are applied 1 lash on 1 lash the lashes can be combed or brushed and even have mascara applied without damaging the natural lashes. The Mascara used cannot be waterproof or mascara that contains mineral oils, especially waterproof, as this will dissolve the glue bonds and the lashes will fall out prematurely.

We highly recommend using the aftercare products such as the finishing glaze, which helps to strengthen the glue bond and conditions the lashes to help them last longer and stay looking great between maintenance sessions.


If you would like to know more about lash treatments or to arrange an appointment please contact the salon on 02392 380 692 or email salon@studio8beauty.co.uk.


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