Want High Definition Brows then say hello to Hi Brow !


Hi Brow treatment imageDo you get brow envy ? Have you ever wondered how do those models and stars get such amazing brows ? It’s inevitable that anyone with amazing brows has had a little professional help. So let us reveal all and tell you the secret to those “Wow Brows”!

Introducing Hi Brow high definition brows which is a unique treatment for creating perfectly well-groomed, high definition eyebrows, which is available from Studio 8 Beauty.

What is Hi Brow?

The treatment transforms the way you look by creating brows that flatter your face by creating a lift to your eyes and symmetry to your face. Our trained technicians ignore the trap of ‘one shape fits all’ and use their expertise and knowledge to provide a full consultation to assess face shape and colouring before creating a bespoke brow, tailored exclusively to you and by using expert techniques deliver you a set of amazing brows that suit your face that you can maintain at home. Your Hi Brow treatment consists of a full range of advanced expert techniques including customised brow tint blending, precision waxing, tweezing and trimming (where required), threading and brow make up which in combination create your perfect brow shape. Your HiBrow service is completed with customised aftercare products that create perfect definition to your brows, transforming your face as if you have had a mini facelift. It’s amazing how the right brow shape completes your looks and gives you confidence.

Who is Hi brow for?

Hi Brow is brilliant to help you grow out that old over-tweezed shaped and with a little help from a brow tint and some brow makeup anyone can manage the awkward stages of growing out brows and look great. If you need some extra help, to grow out your brows or to enhance them, we even have FaceFrame 3D Brows available in the salon which can replace missing or sparse brows with tiny mink brows to close any gaps or get you over the worse stages of growing out your brows.

Are there Aftercare & Home Products Available?

Hi Brow also offer an exclusive Hi Brow make-up range which is available in salon for home use such as brow palettes to suit your skin tone and colouring supplied with professional Hi Brow brushes and templates for a flawless application. Your therapists will demonstrate how to apply and provide hints and tips to get you the perfect looking brow. All products are available to retail at Studio 8 Beauty.

So if you suffer from brow envy or are looking for the best of high definition brows the Studio 8 Beauty Salon Portsmouth to book your Hi Brow Professional treatment with one of our expert therapists on 023 92 380 692

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