How to look great this Summer with a Fake Tan

 by Lisa Young – Salon Director

A couple with Fake TanWhy not give your skin a luxurious treat and pop open an bottle of self-tanning lotion or treat yourself to professional manual or spray tan?

If you long for that summer tan but are fed up with waiting for the weather to warm up, why not consider a self-tan or sunless tanning fake tan ?

If you don’t know what it’s all about just take a moment whilst we explain what it is all about and the fabulous benefits of achieving a golden, sun kissed tan without the need for sun !

If you’re dying to reveal a little more skin over the warmer season the gorgeous glow of a fake tan will give you the extra confidence to opt for those summer short sleeved or strapless tops, shorter skirts and shorts or summer dresses.

A tanned skin makes your skin appear healthier and fitter, in fact a tan gives you a great lift and is very flattering making you appear slimmer, which is exactly what you need when you’re spending more time on outdoors activities during hot summer days and warm evenings, with family and friends.

A fake tan is fabulous for hiding blemishes such as spots and scars so it’s great for creating a flawless base and often without the need for make up! So it’s great for camouflaging a multitude of sins, giving you the confidence to wear your summer clothes and get a pre-holiday glow.

Today’s modern sunless tanning includes moisturising ingredients that are designed to hydrate and protect the skin from ageing and damage giving sunless tanning even more benefits.

Fake tans or sunless tanning come in a variety of formats such as gels, creams and sprays so there is something for all preferences. Better still, the active ingredient of fake tan (known as DHA) doesn’t penetrate through the skin, which means it’s completely non-toxic and safe to use.


How Fake Tan works

Your skin is made up of two main layers – the epidermis and dermis. Self-tanning takes place in the epidermis, which is the outer layer.

The main active ingredient in fake tanning is called DHA, which contains sugar and reacts with the amino acids on your skin and oxygen in the air. It is this reaction that turns the skin brown. The reaction is similar to when an apple is cut. After a while it starts to turn brown. Sunless tanning behaves in a similar way on the skin.

Normally these formulas need to be left on for 8 hours to develop fully but there are some professional products such as Sienna X Tonight’s the Night that develop in 2-4 hours. Great for those last minute invites.

Because the process only occurs on the top layer of skin, the tan then fades after 5-7 days in keeping with the normal skin shedding cycle. Manual tans can last a bit longer 8 – 10 days because they are buffed into the skin more but in both cases preparation is key to getting an even finish and lasting tan.


Guide to a flawless Fake Tan

Achieving the perfect tan is as much about the preparation and aftercare as it is about applying the actual self-tan.

“It’s all in the preparation – if you want a perfect tan you need to prepare properly.”

Regardless of whether you are going to have a spray tan or a manual tan at the salon or if you are going to apply yourself at home, you still need to prepare your skin to ensure a smooth even surface to apply the tan to by taking the following steps:

    • Exfoliate your skin to buff the dead skins cells away. This conditions your skin so that the sunless tanning product sits perfectly on the skin and applies evenly. Exfoliation is best done the day before tan application just in case your skin is sensitised from the exfoliation.
    • If you need to shave or wax also do this the day before to avoid irritation.


Recommended Preparation Products

    • Sienna X Polishing Body scrub. Its pH balanced so really kind to your skin as it’s balanced to how your skin should be
    • Alternatively, you could use an exfoliating glove, natural body brush, salt scrub or loofah.



Applying Self-Tanning Products

If you are visiting the salon simply leave the application to the therapist.

    • Remember to wear or take with you some dark loose clothing.
    • Don’t apply deodorant if you can, otherwise advise the therapist and they will use something to remove any deodorant residue. It’s not a showstopper but you will look odd with Incredible Hulk green arm pits for a few hours because the deodorant reacts with the DHA and looks green ! It’s not permanent fortunately and washes off afterwards once developed
    • Last minute invite and need a tan ? Why not try Sienna X Tonight’s the Night tan, which develops in 2 – 4 hours


If you are applying self-tan yourself at home

    • We recommend either a tanning mitt or latex gloves to apply the product ( never use bare hands or you will end up with stained palms of the hands).
    • Prepare your drier areas of skin such as on your knees, elbows and backs of heels by rubbing a bit of moisturiser to these parts.
    • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and in all cases work methodically applying to all areas of your skin (you may need help with your back) before carefully removing your gloves or mitt and finishing on your hands and using the backs of your hands to rub into the backs of your hands.
    • Immediately remove any product from the palms of the hands with a baby wipe or freshening wipe (hold your hands flat, put together and and rub).
    • Leave to develop as per manufacturer’s instructions (normally 5 – 8 hours).


Recommended Sienna X Tanning Products

    • Sienna X Dark Glowing Self-tan or Sienna X Q10 Bronzing Mousse – for a deeper self-tan or to enhance and maintain a natural tan.
    • Sienna X Gradual Glowing Self tan – great for paler skins and those new to self-tanning.
    • Sienna X Express Tanning Mist – great for top ups to your sunless tanning or for a daily spritz across the face.

If you fancy a tan without the DHA you can also opt for Sienna X instant Bronzing Gel – great for last minute tans or for seeing what you would look like with a tan. It simply washes off with shower gel at the end of the night.


Making your tan last

    • Always pat dry skin after showering – don’t ever rub.
    • Regular moisturising also helps keeps your skin looking beautiful and prolongs your tan.

We recommend Sienna X Radiance Body Balm as it smells absolutely gorgeous and just melts into the skin.


Fake Tan benefits

    • Fake tan is quick and easy to apply.
    • Great for ladies and gents.
    • Do it yourself or treat yourself to a salon treatment.
    • It’s safe.
    • Makes you feel good, so great for boosting your body confidence and ensuring you feel glamorous and sexy.


Sunless Tanning at Studio 8

The following self-tanning is available at Studio 8 Beauty:

    • Sienna X Spray tan.
    • Sienna X Manual tan with body exfoliation.
    • A full range of Sienna X Retail Products available in salon.

 So why not give it a try today and take your first steps towards achieving a sun kissed or bronzed body from head to toe!


If you would like to know more about Self-tanning products and Fake Tan treatments or would like to book a professional treatment, please email the salon on or telephone us on 023 9238 0692. A booking button is available on the left hand side of this website if you prefer to book yourself online or for out of hours booking.


Lisa Young – Studio 8 Beauty Salon Director

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