A Survival Guide to Eyelash Extensions !

Lash Perfect Eyelash Extensions TreatmentLash extensions are a fantastic way of creating length and defining your eyes. There are two different techniques available. It’s therefore important that you know what type you have to ensure you care for your lashes in the right way. 


When applied correctly and with the correct aftercare, your natural lashes should never be damaged or removed. Here are a few tips to ensure you get the best lash treatment.


What are Eyelash Extensions ?

Eyelash extensions are fine lashes, made from synthetic mink. They are applied to the natural lashes with specialised eyelash glue using one of two specified techniques. They will last, depending on the method of application, between 2-3 weeks for party lashes and up to 15 weeks (with maintenance) for specialised one on one application.


How do eyelash extensions feel ?

If applied correctly, your eyelash extensions should feel totally natural – no tugging or pulling. Your eye should feel comfortable and not irritated in anyway. If the correct length is applied to suit your natural lash length and you look after your lashes there should be no twisting of lashes.


Deciding on the type of eyelash extension and what suits your needs and lifestyle:

After consultation, your lash technician should guide you on the lash that would best suit your individual needs. You should always have a glue skin sensitivity test at least 24 hours prior to treatment, which will be recorded on your record card. Here are the 2 application techniques:


1. Party lashes such as La La Express

    • Come in a range of lengths and dropped onto your natural lashes.
    • Eyes are not closed during application – you will be sat slightly reclined and asked to lower your lashes down but not close your eyes. The glue used is ultra sensitive and you should feel no burning or stinging during application.
    • Application takes 20 – 30 minutes.
    • Great for a natural to full look and can be layered to create a really dramatic look. Popular for clients looking for an occasional look especially for special occasions and holidays.
    • Due to the application technique these cannot be left on longer than 2-3 weeks and cannot be infilled.
    • Cannot apply mascara, curl lashes or be brushed.
    • Must be removed professionally to protect eyes and natural lashes.


2. One on One lashes such as Lash Perfect

    • Come in a range of thicknesses and lengths and are applied one on one to your natural lashes. This is done via an isolation technique where one lash is isolated so a single lash can be applied or several very fine lashes on one lash using a Russian Layering technique.
    • Eyes are closed during application – you will be laid flat and asked to close your eyes after the gel pads are applied to protect your lower lashes. The glue used is much stronger but as your eyes are closed you should feel no burning or stinging during application.
    • Application takes 1.5 – 2 hours.
    • Great for a natural to full look but limited to the number of lashes that the client has.
    • Due to the application technique lashes will drop out with your natural lash cycle and can be infilled time and time again to replace lost lashes up to 15 weeks when a full removal is recommended before reapplication.
    • Cannot be curled but can be brushed and apply mascara.
    • Must be removed professionally if you choose to at anytime.


Hints and Tips to good lash extensions:

    • Make sure your lash technician is qualified and insured to work on the specific type of lashes you want.
    • Many well known high quality brands provide a list of salons that are qualified to perform their eyelash extensions.
    • Check your lash technician is using good hygiene practices and only sterilised equipment.
    • Never pick or pull lashes.
    • Always follow the aftercare instructions for the type of lash you have had applied.

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