Cellulite … ways to help reduce it.


Image of Leg with CelluliteWe all know that look, and cringe at what we see, but what exactly is cellulite and why do we get it?

Cellulite is a common condition.

It is where the skin appears to have fat deposits underneath the skin, giving it a dimpled, lumpy appearance.

Normally, it is most noticeable around the top of the thighs and on the bottom.

The appearance resembles orange peel or lumpy cottage cheese.


So what exactly causes cellulite?

Well, it can affect anyone! Yes that’s right … there have been many super models photographed in the tabloids sporting bikinis and that dreaded dimpled look but surprisingly, the causes are not fully understood and there doesn’t seem to be a common agreement on what exactly causes it. Here are a few different theories and whilst the exact cause is not known it is believed that a combination of these factors makes some people more susceptible to cellulite than others:

    • It’s all in the genes? – It is thought that certain genes may cause a natural propensity for some individuals to get cellulite. Examples are gender, race, slower metabolism, circulation or how the fat is distributed under the skin.
    • Hormonal factors? – Some schools of thought believe that hormones, such as oestrogen, insulin and thyroid hormones play an important role in cellulite development as they are part of the cellulite production process.
    • It’s what you eat? These days most problems get blamed on diet! But we all know that eating too many carbohydrates, or too much fat or salt in our diets with not enough roughage and fibre leads to other health problems. So it is logical that diets that are not well balanced could cause greater amounts of cellulite.
    • It’s today’s Lifestyle? – Not enough exercise, jobs that require long periods of sitting or standing could affect your chances of getting cellulite. Smoking is another possible factor as it dilutes oxygen and nutrients flowing through the body.
    • It’s what you wear? – Underwear with tight elastic across the bottom can limit blood flow and may contribute to the formation of cellulite. Wearing looser underwear such as French knickers, boy shorts, or thongs are preferable to tight fitting underwear.

How can it be prevented?

There are mixed opinions on whether reduction techniques such as liposuction and dieting actually work to remove cellulite completely. However, the majority of people find that eating a healthy, balanced diet (i.e. low fat foods such as fruits, vegetables, and fibre) combined with regular exercise may be the best way to reduce the fat content in the cells and reduce the appearance of cellulite.


Treatments to help reduce the appearance of cellulite

There are a variety of salon treatments that you can try to help to reduce the appearance of cellulite.


Massage techniques stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic flow and assist with the elimination of toxins. It’s also great for relaxation for the body and mind.

Body Wraps and Body Treatments

Wraps such as Shrinking Violet uses lipolysis to reduce the size of the lipid fat cells. So as well as inch loss you can experience an improved texture to the skin. Mud therapy wraps or mud massage therapy can also be beneficial for reduction of cellulite as well as general well-being. This is because of the ingredients that are used such as earth clays, natural oils such as olive and grape seed oil that protect, smooth and condition while fortifying the skin with anti-oxidants, and a unique blend of Asian herbs stimulate circulation.

Electrical treatments

Electrical stimulation such as CACI ECM (micro current) which aids lymphatic drainage as well as stimulating the skin cells. The treatment uses small electrical impulses to stimulate and reduce cellulite as well as lift and tone the leg and buttocks.

Body brushing

Body brushing with a natural brush is a relatively inexpensive method of stimulating blood flow and the elimination of waste. Body brush daily with a brush or exfoliating glove and combine with drinking plenty of fresh water.

Body Exfoliation

Invigorating body exfoliation such as a mineral salt scrub. Not only will remove dead skin cells but it will also improve circulation, aid in detoxifying your body and firm and tone your skin. Dull, lifeless skin will be stimulated leaving you feeling smooth and conditioned.

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