Detox your skin with dry body brushing

by Lisa Young – Salon Director


What is Dry Body Brushing ?

brush used for dry body brushingBody brushing is a simple yet highly beneficial manual treatment where the skin is brushed using a natural bristle brush. The technique can be used either at home or as a professional treatment in a salon environment and is especially beneficial before having a massage or other body treatment.


What are the Benefits of Dry Body Brushing ?

The treatment is invigorating, stimulating and detoxifying. There are numerous health benefits to dry body brushing.

Here are some of the benefits of dry body brushing:

  • Detoxes your body.
  • A great body exfoliation.
  • Increases lymphatic drainage.
  • Increased energy.
  • Can help break up fatty deposits.
  • Helps relieve digestive problems.
  • Many Acne sufferers find that the detox effect improves their skin issues.


How does Dry Body Brushing help with detoxification ?

When toxins build up in the body, they are eliminated through the lymphatic system. Sometimes lymphatic drainage can be a bit slow allowing toxins to build up in the body and thus it just needs a little helping hand to get it moving. This is where dry body brushing can help.

Here’s how dry body brushing works:

  1. Body brushing prompts the skin cells to release toxic deposits into the lymph.
  2. Blood plasma contains waste from the body and this is transported in the lymph vessels to the lymph nodes.
  3. In the lymph nodes, macrophages and lymphocytes cells deal with the unwanted bacteria and toxins.
  4. Once the macrophages and lymphocytes have done their job to clean out the toxins, the cleansed fluid is then returned back to the blood circulating around your body.
Did you know that our bodies contain far more lymph than blood ?
  1. Unlike blood or the circulatory system the lymphatic system does not use the heart to pump lymph around the body so it needs a little help  to help it circulate around the body. At times the flow of lymph carrying these toxins can be prone to being slow and sluggish. An example of this is cellulite. Cellulite is an orange peel effect on the skin caused by stagnant, toxic waste that gets stored between the tissues, breaking down connective tissue. For more details on cellulite, have a read of our blog post.


It’s all in the right technique

When dry brushing, in order not to over sensitise the skin , light pressure is recommended to avoid over stimulating blood flow. Brush in long upward strokes and after each stroke run the palm of your hand over the brushed area to soothe the skin. It takes no more than 10 minutes a day. Follow these steps for the perfect body brushing experience:

  1. Starting at the toes, work upwards on the foot using light, long, upwards sweeping movements in one direction towards the lymph node situated behind the back of the knee. Follow each brush stroke with the palm of the hand to soothe the skin.
  2. Working up the leg, move up to the back of the thigh using long brush strokes moving outwards to the buttocks. Repeat this on the other leg.
  3. Moving to the waist, brush lightly across the stomach from your waist to navel or belly button. Alternate each movement from side to side.
  4. Next move to the chest brushing across the chest and around your breasts.
  5. Brush the front of the arms in long strokes towards where the lymph nodes are situated under your arm (arm pits).
  6. Take a quick shower and complete your home regime detox treatment with a good body moisturiser or oil. A perfect start to the day ! We also recommend a drop of Dermalogica Stress Relief oil into your usual body moisturiser for an aromatic yet soothing start to the day.


How often should you Dry Brush ?

Daily before showering. Dry brushing takes only a few minutes to do and as it wakes you up, it gets your blood circulating so that it and warms you as well.


What brushes are best for body brushing ?

Invest in a good brush. A firm bristle is essential to ensure that the technique works to stimulate lymph flow. Choose a brush with hard natural bristles not synthetic bristles.

Brushes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but whilst a handle is great to reach your back it may not fit so easily into your hand. Brushes with a hand strap make it more manageable to fit in the palm of your hand yet harder to reach your back so a good compromise may be a brush with a detachable handle.

If you look after your brush well and it will last you for years. A natural way to look after your brushes is to use pure tea tree oil (which has natural sanitising properties), before each use. Afterwards soak your brush in hot water and antibacterial wash to keep it clean and hygienic.



Quote of the Day

“Our bodies communicate with us clearly and specifically, if we are willing to listen”

Shakti Gawain

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