​AlumierMD – 30 Day Skin Transformation

by Thea Leonard​

AlumierMD Diamond Provider at Studio 8 Beauty


“Give me 30 days and I’ll show you how to achieve amazing skin.”

Sadly it doesn’t happen overnight, a lot like everything in life. But in just one month and by following my skincare advice using AlumierMD and Studio 8 products, you will see a significant improvement in your skin.

AlumierMD Facial Model

Why 30 days ?

This is because the skin has a turnover rate. This means it takes time for fresh new skin cells to reach your skin’s surface.


How does this happen ?

It’s scientific name is desquamation, meaning natural exfoliation.

When old skin cells slough off from the surface, new skin cells are produced within the deeper layers of the skin. These fresh and undamaged cells are yet to be exposed to the daily skin aggressors in our atmosphere, such as UVA and UVB rays, pollution and dirt.

Generally, during our 20’s to 30’s, this natural exfoliation process takes about 28 days, but as we age, this process gets slower each year, sometimes taking up to 60 days.

This is why when we have picked a spot, the appearance of that spot, also known as post-inflammatory pigmentation, stays present on the skin for quite some time. This is because skin cells at the surface become damaged from the trauma and new cells will need to be formed and reach the skin’s surface before it can look better. Post-inflammatory pigmentation scarring can last between 28 to 60 days.


So next time that temptation is there, try and remember how long the healing process can take.


However, the great news is that we can speed up this cell turnover process ourselves !


How ?

We can use skincare products at home or have in-clinic treatments to accelerate our skin cell turnover.

The faster we can create new skin cells to rise to the surface of the skin, the quicker we see results. As we age, our skin cells become lazy, so they need that little extra help for this cycle to work at its best. We can use many products types to exfoliate; some are physical exfoliants and some naturally occurring chemical exfoliants.



Products to use

A few of my favourite products are:


AlumierMD Bright and Clear Solution

This is gentle enough for everyone to use. It’s a chemical form meaning no physical scrub is involved. It uses fruit enzymes left on the skin that gently dissolve dead skin cells.


Studio 8 Glow Exfoliator

This one combines both chemical and physical exfoliation. Glycolic acid is the chemical ingredient and Quartz is the physical scrub. This product is generally suitable for all, but if your skin is more sensitive, I’d recommend using only a tiny amount of this product with a lot of water to reduce its physical effect.


AlumierMD Enzymatic Peel

This is a mini peel for home use. Leave on the skin for 5 to 7 minutes using the timer on your phone, so you don’t go over the recommended time. This is another form of exfoliation that’s purely chemical.



If you’re reading this and only just starting your skincare journey, I’d recommend starting with just one form of exfoliation. As your skin adjusts and adapts to medical grade products, you can then use many forms of exfoliation to maximise your results. But again, this isn’t something you should jump into overnight, neither after just 30 days. Take it slow, and you’ll see positive results on your skin.


Could I try a sample ?

Samples are really not an accurate representation of a product. How can a tiny 5ml amount of product provide you with skincare results? I’m sorry, it’s just not possible. With a  5ml sample all you can discern is the texture and smell the product.

The answer is to try a starter kit, which we offer here in the Salon. Our fantastic Studio 8 Prep and Go kits are excellent for trialling a skincare regime. They are also perfect for travel, so you do not have to take large bottles in your bags. Inside the kit is your four essentials; a cleanser, serum, sunscreen and night cream. You can view these individual items in our online shop. Prepare, hydrate, protect and recover.

If your looking to start a new skincare routine, this is the perfect kit for you. The items will last 30 to 40 days, giving you enough time to see and experience positive changes to your skin. It suits all skin types.

30 days of morning and evening commitment from you with this kit, and your skin will glow.


“But when I step into the shops, I’m so confused about what to buy.”


This never surprises me !

Stepping into a beauty department store or supermarket for a new skincare regime that will deliver results prescribed to your needs is unrealistic. It’s an absolute minefield!

The products are displayed & marketed to entice you to buy them. Not because they are the most suitable product for your skin’s needs. The salesperson is trained to sell but often does not understand the skin and what different skin conditions need.

The packaging is often enticingly pretty, and it may even have a free gift if you purchase multiple items. It’s all marketing! The truth is, these products will often just sit on the skin’s surface and smell nice without doing anything to improve your skin. Their formulas cannot penetrate the deeper layers of skin where new skin cells are formed.

So reduce the confusion and visit a skincare expert where you can have a tailored skin regime with medical-grade products to suit your skin needs. Medical grade products have advanced formulas that work deeper into the dermal layers to influence the living skin cells far superior results.



In-clinic treatments to try in your 30 days of skin transformation



In-clinic treatments to try after your 30 days of skincare support at home



So why have I separated these ?

Well, in the first 30 days, your initial treatment to kick start your skin, combined with professional skin care at home, will prepare your skin for more advanced treatments.

For best results, the 2nd list of three facials needs to be performed on a hydrated, prepared skin if your skin isn’t ready for advanced facials, which means potential for inferior results that do not do the treatment justice. At Studio 8 Beauty, we don’t want our clients to feel disappointed with their treatments, so we believe in setting realistic expectations and giving sound skincare advice supporting results.



Great skin is a journey

Getting the skin results you deserve is not achieved in a single treatment. It requires the right support between treatments at home, consistency and the right skin advice.

This is why all our staff & I are trained to the highest standard and are certified AlumierMD Diamond Skin Experts. This means that at Studio 8 Beauty you receive the best experience and knowledge.

So trust in the journey, be patient with your skin, be consistent and receive correct advice personalised to you and your skin.



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