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Power up your skin care routine

Skin care routine do’s and don’ts by Lisa Young - Salon Director    Once you have discovered fabulous skin care products to use in your skin care routine, there is always the danger of over doing it. Just like any skin savvy fanatic, you probably can’t resist that...

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Remedial Massage or Relaxing Massage ?

Therapeutic / Remedial Massage vs Relaxation Massage by Lisa Young - Salon Director    Have you ever wanted a massage but couldn’t decide whether you need a remedial massage, an energising massage or stress reducing relaxation treatment ? Well here’s an explanation on...

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Shaving – how to look and feel your best

Top Tips for Hassle Free Shaving by Lisa Young - Salon Director   No wonder the trend of growing a beard has continued! Did you know that a survey conducted by The International Dermal Institute indicated that 79% of males surveyed say they have one or more skin...

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Gel Polish for fabulous looking Nails

Get that Gel-ous Feeling with Gel Polish by Lisa Young - Salon Director   If you feel that life is too short to be waiting around, then that should extend to your nail polish too !  Over the last few years gel polishes have exploded on the nail scene. Todays' modern...

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