Summer Bodies are made in the Winter

by Thea Leonard

Senior Therapist at Studio 8 Beauty

Image depicting summer bodies


Did you know that summer bodies are made in winter ?


So if you are thinking of booking a beach holiday, or maybe you have it booked already, then why not get your holiday body prep started in these cold winter months instead of waiting until a couple of weeks before to get your body summer ready!

So go on and get your body ultra-smooth for that bikini with our hot tips!




#1 Waxing

Waxing works best when you have had at least 3 consecutive waxing sessions with zero shaving in between appointments. Whilst it’s cold and wet outside start getting into the habit of leaving your fuzzy bits alone. Let’s face it, you are mostly in trousers or tights at the moment so breaking that cycle of grabbing the razor as soon as some fuzz appears will be a lot easier as we can hide under our winter clothes.

Yes we know that this can be the hardest part for the “shavers” amongst us, i.e. getting used to leaving your hair to grow but trust me it is so worth it. Think this could be extra time to apply a face mask instead of stimulating that hair growth.

Did you know that by shaving you are actually stimulating hair growth by cutting the hair ?

When waxing, the hairs are pulled from the follicle resulting in weaker hair growth and definitely not stimulating it. Result- lighter fluffier slow growing hair!!

So plan to get waxing at least three months before your holiday so you’re super smooth.




#2 Beat the cellulite

Cellulite is the bane of most of our lives and there is no better way to combat it than our Thermavisage body treatments. These treatments are fab for tackling cellulite and detoxifying the body.


The ThermaVisage treatment includes:

    • Radio frequency, which is a heat treatment that helps to melt away that lumpy fatty tissue and break down cellulite.
    • Red light therapy to increase cell turnover to improve the appearance of the skin
    • Vacuum suction drains away toxins and improves circulation.


This can be done on almost any area of the body. Bottom, thighs, arms and back. Unfortunately, I need a little input from you at home with this treatment… I need you to take on a healthy approach with your diet and increase your exercise. Whether that’s going for walks or if your already a gym bunny then upping your workouts to get maximum results.

Sadly the machine isn’t going to do all the hard work for you but a combination of healthy lifestyle and a treatment course will yield better results than a course or exercise alone. I recommend that you have 10-12 treatments, 1 week apart. So again ladies this is a 3 month bikini body prep for you. Think of that dimple free bottom and thighs!




#3 Lift it with a Caci non-surgical bum lift

Ohhhh yes, get that bottom pert.

This treatment technology is the same as the Caci non-surgical face lift. It’s a bum lift but with the CACI ECM leg roller instead of probes. The treatment uses microcurrent to stimulate the muscles resulting in a firmer, more toned leg and bum area. Like the ThermaVisage I’ll need some work from you again, so diet and exercise needs to be included.

You’ll need 12 treatments 2-3 a week. Then 2 treatments per month as maintenance.

So, whilst it’s cold and grey outside, stop slobbing on the sofa and get those summer bodies prep started now. This is your self-care, treat yourself to some salon treatments and before you know it your summer holiday will be here with that smooth body all prepped, meaning you’re not stressing a couple of weeks before you depart.




# 4 Homecare

EXFOLIATION – I say this word every day, exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate don’t miss this step out. We must buff off our dead skin cells regularly for smooth ingrown hair free skin.

In addition, dry body brushing is fab for getting the circulation improved and helps with the appearance of cellulite.

Dermalogica’s ultimate buffing cloth is a fave of mine. It’s an antibacterial, fast drying abrasive cloth that is big enough to reach hard to get areas like your back. Apply a small amount of Dermalogica’s conditioning body wash and lash up and scrub away in the shower.




#5 Plenty of water

Plenty of water is perfect for flushing those nasty toxins and will give your skin a fresher and smoother appearance.


And there you have it – my guide for perfectly smooth summer bodies … so what’s keeping you ?

Get your summer prep booked in now.


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