A guide to the best Facial skin care treatments

by Lisa Young – Salon Director

lady having facial skin care treatmentsBeauty salon treatment menus always seem so elusive and mystical. They are often filled with skin care jargon and skin care treatments that leave most people in the dark.

Often they use terms such as LED, Ultra Sonic, Acid Peels, IonActives …

But why are they so mystical ?

And what exactly should you book in for ?

Fear not help is at hand. Let’s talk about the facts behind skin care treatments.

Why would I need skin care treatments ?

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t want a healthy glowing skin. I’m sure that most people do what they can at home to keep on top of a daily skincare routine of cleansing and moisturising. Extras such as exfoliating or masks always seem to fall by the wayside!

But consider this, did you know that your skin is the largest living organ of the body ? It defends our body from UV and pollution, it eliminates toxins and oils and it helps our body to retain water, so we don’t shrivel like a prune.

Whilst we seem to spend a lot of time on our hair and nails (which are dead by the way!), our skin often gets neglected ! Sadly, for all the good work that our skin does in protecting us, we just don’t seem to give it as much attention as we should do.

If you really want to make the most of your skin and the protection it offers you, in order to achieve your best skin ever, you really need to experience skin care treatments that will:

  • Exfoliate.
  • Soothe.
  • Revitalise.
  • Nourish.

Perfect for a beautiful skin that has that “just-stepped-out-of-a-salon glow”.




Options for different skin care treatments

Great skin care treatments and facials should be personalised just for you. After all you wouldn’t want the same facial as someone with oily skin if your skin was dry and flaky skin, or an intense resurfacing treatment, if you had a tendency to sensitive or red skin.

In fact, your facial treatment should be tailored each and every time you have a facial so that it solves your specific skin concerns on that day.

We are all different and just like the season’s change, your skins changes as well. Dermalogica trains its therapists to make the facial you receive specific to your specific skin concerns. No cookie cutter standard treatments!

All you need to do is decide the time you have available and your skin therapist will do the rest.

Take 10 minutes

All Dermalogica Skin Centres offer a complimentary Dermalogica Face Mapping skin analysis service.

Face mapping is an analysis of your skin combined with general discussion on your key concerns, how your skin feels and behaves. It’s a really useful skin analysis as it gives you a personal insight into why your skin is the way it is. You’ll leave armed with a full understanding of how to have the best skin you can have as well as professional skin care tips on getting the most out of your homecare skin care routine.

Take 20 minutes

Can you believe that you can have a facial in just twenty minutes ? Yes, a skin care treatment in just twenty minutes! Dermalogica call this their Microzone treatment, which is a high impact treatment designed to target a specific concern.

So if you want or need:

  • Brighter skin – there is a targeted exfoliation Microzone.
  • To hydrate or replenishment your skin – there is a hydrating Microzone.
  • Clear black heads and congestion? – there is a specific Microzone to address just this.

It’s so amazing what you can achieve in less than half an hour. So if you are short on time or need an extra boost between facials for a special occasion, then a Microzone is a must for you. It’s also great value for money.

Take 45 minutes

Take forty-five minutes and you can have a results driven facial using some serious science.

The options are:

  • Highly active Acid Peels.
  • Treatment actives such as serums & masques.

These are driven into the skin using advanced technology like Ultra Sonic and LED. Don’t worry about the skincare jargon as what’s important is that today’s modern peels leave skin looking incredibly fresh and healthy whilst leaving it feeling smooth and calm.

What’s even better is that there is no downtime, just amazing skin. This is for you if are looking for a supercharged technology treatment to boost results to another level whilst:

  • Targeting fine lines.
  • Reducing brown spots.
  • Healing breakouts.

A 45 minute treatment is best for people that have more serious concerns and want to see results fast such as:

  • Anti-ageing.
  • Breakouts and spots.
  • Dehydration.
Take 60 minutes

If life feels just too busy and your skin and body are shouting ‘rescue me!’, this is what you need.

Sixty minutes of personalised skincare. Enter a world of relaxation in the hands of an expert skin therapist, who will not only treat your skin but calm & soothe your body and mind as well.

A 60 minute treatment consists of:

  • Professional double cleanse.
  • Face Mapping skin analysis.
  • Exfoliation.
  • A relaxing massage.
  • And a multitude of treatment serums, masks and hot towels.

A Dermalogica facial is a full agenda of relaxation and results driven ingredients to deliver the best facial and skincare experience coupled with a relaxing treatment.

Sounds wonderful wouldn’t you agree !!


So what are you waiting for ?



Quote of the Day

“I’m a big believer in that if you focus on good skin care, you really won’t need a lot of make up.”

Demi Moore

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