Lose those Inches with a Shrinking Violet Body Wrap !


Shrinking Violet Body Wrap girl measuring inch lossThe summer sun is coming and it’s nearly time to bare your skin again. As you change your wardrobe for your summer clothes and prepare for your holidays, what do you do if you look in the mirror and say to yourself “urghhhhh I think not !!” ?

Well it’s probably the time to get a plan of action and be body beautiful for the summer season.

A Healthy Diet is always the best way to lose those inches, but sometimes you need a little more help.

So why not indulge in a treatment that relaxes you whilst giving you the help that you need! No, it’s not cheating, it’s a bit of “me time” with the added bonus of inch loss.


So what is Shrinking Violet ?

The Shrinking Violet Body Wrap is a professional product. It is only available to Shrinking Violet certified therapists, which means you are assured of receiving the genuine product and treatment protocol each time.

The treatment is extremely popular and involves a full body brush to boost circulation, before applying a specialised oil-based solution to the skin. You’re then wrapped firmly in the Shrinking Violet heat-inducing “Wrapture” film before being popped into a lightly heated cosy bed. You will then experience 60 minutes of blissful relaxation and escapism with the aroma of scented candles and relaxing music.

“Wrapture” is a special type of heat inducing film wrap, which is used during the treatment. Don’t be misled into thinking that Wrapture is a cling film or shrink wrap, because it’s not. It’s made from a non-toxic, non-static durable clear film that is also used in hospitals to dress burn injuries.

The main ingredient is an active oil based solution, which is pre-blended with essential oils containing an anti-cellulite blend including juniper, lavender and cypress. The ingredients trigger a process called lipolysis, the process of breaking down specific fats from cells so they can be processed by the liver.

The treatment is now complemented by the application of a new product called Shrinking Violets Extreme Booster. This is a targeted area serum that is applied to problem areas in order to boost the effectiveness of the treatment.

As well as reducing fat and helping with inch loss, the product also makes the skin feel really pampered and hydrated. It also helps to improve the look of cellulite and stretch marks. Your therapist will take measurements before and after the treatment and record your inch loss at the end of your treatment.


Shrinking Violet Treatments


Traditional Shrinking Violet Body Wrap

The traditional Shrinking Violet Body Wrap involves being wrapped up on a cosy bed. Shrinking Violet oil, a mix of pre-blended essential oils and active ingredients is used, which combined with some additional gentle heat is absorbed into your skin. This provides the benefit of helping you lose inches whilst indulging in some quiet relaxation. It’s also an anti-cellulite treatment thus making it a body and inch loss treatment all in one.


Shrinking Violet Massage

If you don’t fancy the Shrinking Violet Body Wrap but do enjoy a massage, there is an alternative treatment. This treatment, which is becoming really popular is the “Shrinking Violet Massage” that involves a full body brush to get the circulation going. Your therapist then applies “Shrinking Violet Extreme Booster” to target specific areas follows this with a body massage using the Shrinking Violet Oil. The treatment is further enhanced by a gentle warmth from the heated bed you are lying on. After the massage your enjoyment continues as you relax on the heated bed before having your measurements taken.

The treatment is popular with women who need just a little extra help to get into a tight dress for a special event. It’s also popular with gents looking for a boost to a weight loss program or for pure relaxation. Most clients can lose at least 5 to 6 inches in the treatment. There is no need to shower immediately after the treatment as the solution needs to remain on the skin for 11 hours after treatment. It works for a further 48 hours after the treatment thus continuing to work long after the treatment has completed. This makes it a perfect treatment for brides, for holiday prep or when you just need that little more help to get into that LBD (Little black dress)! For best results, it’s recommended that you have a wrap a couple of days before an event.

It’s cheaper than liposuction and the treatment is available across the UK in many spas and beauty clinics including Studio 8 Beauty. For maximum results a six week course is recommended and can be complemented further with homecare.


Shrinking Violet at Studio 8 Beauty

Both the Shrinking Violet Body Wrap and the Shrinking Violet Massage are available at Studio 8 Beauty. Please see our Shrinking Violet treatment page for more details.

Also – look out for other new variations of the treatment coming soon such as Shrinking Violet & CACI Bum Lift.

Home care products such as “Mrs Hippi” and “Flynn” range, which contain less active ingredients so are safe to use at home on a more regular basis to maintain the treatment between salon appointments. As there is no need for wrapping they’re easy to add into your home skincare routine. These are both available from Studio 8.

If you would like to know more about the Shrinking Violet Body Wrap or Shrinking Violet Massage treatments or to book an appointment, please contact the salon on salon@studio8beauty.co.uk or 023 9238 0692. A booking button is available on the salon’s website if you prefer to book yourself online or for out of hours booking.

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