The Essential Holiday Self-Tanning Guide

by Lisa Young – Salon Director


image of body that used self-tanning productsHurray for the holiday season and roll on summer days! Whatever the season, a gorgeous looking sun-kissed skin is a must for anyone but you don’t need to go away to get a beautiful golden tan!

Say “hello” to Self-tanning!

Self-tanning is the perfect way to fake a natural looking glow. Even the “English Roses” amongst us can take part and enjoy the benefits of how a tan makes you feel.

For those of you that find tanning a breeze, a self-tan is the perfect way to top up that fading holiday tan and ensure your skin is glowing all year round! Read on for our guide on what’s hot in this year’s tanning guide as well as holiday must haves to keep you looking gorgeous & flawless even in the sun.



What is self-tanning ?

Self-Tanning lotion is a product that can be applied either professionally or at home that creates a tanned looked without the sun! Tanning products use an ingredient called DHA, which reacts on the skin to create a tan. Most self-tans are applied with a guide colour so that you (or your therapist) can see where the product has been applied for an even tan. Once the tan has developed, any excess product simply washes off to reveal your bronzed skin. It is totally safe compared to sunbeds and sunbathing, but it will not protect you from the sun and sunburn in the same way a real tan doesn’t . It is therefore very important to remember to protect your skin from both UVA and UVB light by using a broad spectrum SPF.



When is the best time to use self-tanning products ?

  • Everyday.
  • As a gradual tan everyday all year round.
  • For special occasions such as parties, weddings or nights out.
  • Before you go on holiday.
  • During your holiday.



What are the choices for self-tanning ?

Gradual Tan

Gradual tan is a swap for your normal body lotion that gives you a gradual tan. It’s a perfect way to gradually build up a sun kissed look without it looking obvious that you’ve hit the self-tan bottle over night!

It’s really simple to use as you apply it daily to moisturise your skin and gradually build up a gorgeous natural-looking tan. Even the fairest of complexions can use a gradual self-tan. We recommend Sienna X Gradual glowing Self Tan, a streak-free formula that absorbs easily into skin and develops a subtle sun-kissed glow in 5-8 hours.

Self-Tan Lotions

A traditional self-tan that takes 5 to 8 hours to transform you from English rose to bronzed goddess. Simply apply with a tanning mitt and buff into the skin. Products come in mousse, spray or lotion so you have a choice of applications. We love these products from the award winning Sienna X tanning range:

  • Sienna X Dark Glowing Self Tan.
  • Sienna X Q10 Bronzing Mousse.
  • Sienna X Express Bronzing mist.

There is something for everyone!



Leave it to the Professionals

If you dread the thought of applying a tan yourself or are short of time, pop in to your local salon. Here you can treat yourself to a spray or manual tan and leaving the the application of the self-tan with the Salon.

You can choose from a manual tan that is rubbed into the skin or a spray tan that uses a specialised gun to expertly apply your tan with flawless results. So no need to worry that you couldn’t quite reach your back all over and your partner simply wouldn’t help!

Have a look at our professional range of Tanning Treatments.



Hints and tips for a great looking self-tan

  • Preparation is the key – for a longer lasting, flawless natural result. We love Sienna X Polishing Body Scrub to leave skin soft and smooth.
  • Slowly does it – If you are self-tanning yourself, build your colour gradually. You should aim for a tan that is one or two shades darker than your natural skin tone to give you a sun kissed glow that isn’t too much darker than your normal skin tone.
  • Maintain & it will last! – Moisturise your skin daily with a good moisturiser to prolong your tan.
  • Day 4 Essentials – on day 4 gently exfoliate your self-tan to help the tan fade evenly. We like Sienna X polishing Body Scrub.
  • Top it up – self tans can be topped up to keep you glowing and maintain your shade. So if you need a top up, ensure you exfoliate before you top up. Preparation is key every time you self-tan for the best results.
  • Self-Tanning for everyone – whether you are young or old, male or female, tanning is for everyone.



Do you fancy a self-tan right now ?

Then why not pop into Studio 8 Beauty and see our full range of Award winning Sienna X home self-tanning products. If you don’t want to self-tan yourself you can always have a spray tan in our dedicated spray tan room or a manual tan by one of our experienced therapist.


Quote of the Day

“How does it feel after I get a spray tan? Well it’s like I was painted with pure, super sexiness of course!”


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