1 big reason why we carry out skin patch testing !


Patch Testing - An image of a reaction to Eye TreatmentWe know it’s inconvenient but we really have your safety in mind when we ask you to pop in for a skin patch test a minimum of 24 hours before your treatment in the following circumstances:

a) The 1st time you have had the treatment. b) A change in medical history e.g. hormonal changes such as pregnancy or menopause or a newly developed sensitivity such as asthma or hay fever which may be an early indication that you are more at risk of an allergic reaction. c) If the products that we use have changed formula or it’s 12 months since your last treatment (for some treatments 3 months).

Unfortunately, we cannot make any exceptions. If you have been lucky enough not to have a reaction take a look at this picture of one of our girls after just applying a new make of strip lashes for a night out. It doesn’t look pretty and took a few days to go down!

Allergic reactions are serious and can be dangerous or even fatal. So remember, your therapist should never carry out a treatment without a patch test for eyelashes, tinting or perming or skin peels.

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