The best nail colours for autumn and winter

 by Lisa Young – Salon Director

naWinter is here and it’s time to grab your hat and scarf before heading outside. 
It may be cold but that doesn’t stop you from having the hottest nail colours on show. 

Summer pastels and neon’s are now stored away for the spring with vibrant festive reds and deep and moodier nail colours being all the trend at this time of year.

So book your nail appointment to try the winter season’s perfect shades and treat your nails to a splash of winter nail colour.

Read on to see what Jessica and Jessica GELeration nail colours are available at Studio 8 Beauty this season, to see you through the winter months.


Neutral to Nude

Taupe works just as well for winter as it does for summer and is a stable from season to season. Taupe goes with anything, looks classy and sophisticated. We recommend Jessica Intrigue, a crème mix of grey beige and buck naked available in GELeration and custom polish.

If you’re shy with your nail colours then nudes give a “natural but better” look to the nails. Nude shades are a safe choice, which flatters all skin tones creating a very classic look to any length of nail. They look great on both fingers and toes.

Nudes range in a variety of tones from intense caramels such as Jessica Guilty Pleasures, to pale buffs like Jessica Blush or if you are looking for a touch of shimmer, beige pinks such as Jessica GELeration Tea Rose.


Pale Pinks

Playfully twinkly or cute pastel pinks shades look perfect on short nails. Keep it just pale enough to go with light winter clothes but still enough blush of pink to add colour. A clean and groomed look that still looks stylish but just that bit more than a nude. So whether it’s a crème such as Jessica Flirtation or a pink shimmer such as Jessica Pink Champagne, even the shortest of nails can look perfect and groomed.



Reds … never go out of fashion ! From classic to vampy, coral reds to clarets or burgundies … the choice is immense.

Red nail polish goes with just about anything and looks just as stylish whether worn with jeans, dressed for the office or a special night out. Red is one of the fail-safe nail colours, as it suits all skin tones, tastes and looks. So whether it’s short or long nails, reds shout out “I dress to impress”

Here are a few of my favourites:

  • Sexy Siren – a deep burgundy red crème.
  • Passionate Kisses – a delicious shimmer red with a twist of pink.
  • Jessica Merlot – well that speaks for itself! Like Merlot wine !
  • Jessica Shall we Dance – a shimmer red with a twist of burgundy to give it depth.
  • Jessica Confident Coral – a beautiful coral red, which looks fantastic on fair skins and gives a vintage twist to bridal nails.


Black with a twist

Sophisticated, stylish and sexy, black shades show high fashion sophistication with attitude. Add a twist to the black and you get a colour that suits all ages and fashion tastes. A shimmer of gold, a twist of brown or even a hidden glow of burgundy red.

We like Jessica Street Swagger and Black Diamonds. Our all-time classic favourite Jessica Cherrywood has sadly been discontinued (RIP bring it back Jessica nails!) but a cunning double application of Street Swagger and a coat of Merlot gives us the look!


Beautiful Blues

Keeping to the moody tones, who could resist a deep, dark navy polish ! Super stylish and fantastic for short nails. So whether you fancy an inky blue or bright sapphire blue, blues are back on trend this season. Try Jessica Blue Aria for a deep navy blue tone or Jessica Cosmic Nights if you fancy depth with a twinkle


Give it some Sparkle

Perfect for the festive season and New Year parties. We all love a bit of sparkle, so ask your nail technician to bling you up this season for nails that twinkle.


High Shine Pearlescent

Pearlescent shimmers in deep hued colours and gel polishes create that high shine no one can resist.

Jessica Nutter Butter with a twist of Jessica Fairy Tale gives a warm pearl nude and a twist of sparkle. Perfect to be noticed but subtle enough to be understated.


Burst of Purple

A must have colour this season. Add a whoosh of colour to your winter wardrobe with bold and juicy purple. Purple is bright, highly sophisticated and super sexy.

We love Jessica Revenge is Sweet, a deep purple with almost a dark undertone and a shimmery lift that sparkles.


Fade to Grey

It may be dull, grey and gloomy weather, but creamy grey tones are flattering for most skin colours and pretty enough to make you forget how grey it is outside.

Greys go with any outfit, any jewel, and are a more considered tone than a nude. A grey looks smart but still utterly feminine. Jessica Venus was her Name adds a twist of grey and a hint of pearlescent violet. In some lights a grey, but other lights a cool purple shimmer. A very mysterious deep shade with hidden depth!


Metal Mania

Metalics are for the bold but can still look classy. You have to be really confident to wear gold and silver. It’s not for everyone if you worry about colour coordination.

Bronze is a colour that works for any occasion and sits effortlessly against any skin tone. It can be dressed up or played down and always looks stylish.

Try Gingersnap for bronze tones. For gold or silver tones, try Gold Lustre and Silver Lustre


Green with Envy

From edgy greens to military greens. Winter is the time for autumn colours such as mossy greens and deep emeralds. Green is back to nature and perfect for the cold weather. Wear it now because it’s not one of those nail colours for the summer unless you are going neon or fluorescent lime!



How to help your hands survive the winter chill

Hands give away your age and there’s nothing worse than the discomfort of sore and chapped hands.

Keep your hands looking great and younger for longer by using products rich with moisturising oils, natural exfoliants and essential oils to soften and smooth refresh and revive, your hands and keep them looking their best throughout the winter.

  1. Treat your hands to a regular full manicure! A must for the winter months to keep those hands chap free and hydrated. It’s not the same if you do it yourself as the massage gets blood circling.
  2. Always wear gloves.
  3. Keep hand cream in your handbag and apply throughout the day and especially after handwashing. Dermalogica Multivitamin Hand and Nail Treatment nourishes the hands and reduces the appearance of pigmentation but without the usual stickiness associated with hand creams.
  4. Avoid antibacterial soap as it is very drying on your hands.
  5. Don’t forget your cuticles need extra love – don’t pick or bite even if they are dry. Apply a nourishing cuticle oil such as Jessica Phenomen to nourish the skin around your nails and get them hydrated again.



Quote for the day

“A woman is helpless only when her nail polish is drying!”


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