A Beauty Guide to Healthy Lash Extensions

by Lisa Young – Salon Director


Female model with Lash ExtensionsThese days lash services in beauty salons are a highly lucrative business. In particular lash extensions are more in demand than ever and lash bars are popping up everywhere. 

When applied by a skilled professional and cared for properly, your lash extensions will last as intended. They will also  be much more comfortable and easy to wear.

A common question often asked about lash extensions is do they pull out the natural lashes ?

The simple answer is – NO, they don’t!



About your lashes 

When applied and cared for properly, lash extensions don’t pull out the natural lashes. Natural lashes fall out as part of their growth cycle and usually this happens without you even noticing.

We lose on average 3 to 5 lashes a day on each eye. Your lashes fall out and new ones grow back in their place straight away. If you look at your lashes, you will notice that some are longer than others. This is because they are going through a lash cycle of grow, mature and fall out. This doesn’t happen all at the same time otherwise you would go through periods of having no lashes. Similar to how your hair grows, matures and sheds, lashes are the same with each having its own cycle.

All you need to understand is what type of lash extension you have, what to expect and how to care for them. And of course a good lash technician!



Studio 8 Beauty’s simple guide to lash extensions



The Different types of Lash Extensions


“One on One” Individual Lash extensions

One on one applications are applied 1 individual lash to 1 natural lash. The name of the technique used with the application is the isolation technique. This is not a quick process. It can take between 1.5 to 2 hours to apply as the Lash Technician has to use tweezers to isolate each individual lash in order to then apply a single lash.

As you can imagine these lashes are considerably more expensive because of the time involved. With budget treatments that are applied quicker than this, it is extremely difficult to obtain a one on one lash application and there is a risk of lash breakage or the lash application pulling your lashes out. You should therefore expect to pay upwards of £75 at a reputable salon for a professional service.

When lash extensions are applied correctly, they’ll last as long as natural lashes live. Once they’re old enough, they fall out and take the extensions with them. This means that the effects of a lash extension service and how long your lash extensions last, depend mostly on how long our own individual natural lashes growth cycle is.

As long as there is ONE lash extension attached to ONE natural lash there is no need to worry about your natural lashes. It’s an absolutely natural process.

One on One extension Infills

This type of lash service can be infilled. This means that rather than a full removal and re-application, you can have more lashes applied where your natural lash cycle has shed the natural lash and the extension applied to it.

One on one lashes can have a special lash extension mascara applied. This can be brushed through without damaging the natural lash.

If you notice an extension that is attached to two or more natural lashes, which means they’ve been applied incorrectly, you should inform you lash technician so that they can correct it. (It also feels uncomfortable; pulls, itches, makes you rub your eyes).

One thing to be aware of is that the lashes applied must be the correct length and weight for your natural lashes. If the wrong size and weight lash is applied, this can pull your lash down. This will cause it to look droopy and twist … not a great look!  So please let the lash technician guide you based on your natural length of lash versus your desired look. You’ll thank them when your beautiful lashes don’t twist or droop and last well.


Express Lashes

Express lashes are great for a quick fix and occasional wear. Lashes are not applied one lash on one lash but are still individual lashes. Instead they are applied by applying the lashes over your natural lashes to create a fuller effect and length (depending on your needs). An Express Lash service usually takes 30 to 45 mins and costs from £35.

It is absolutely essential that these lashes are removed after 2 to 3 weeks. If you think about the natural lash cycle where each natural lash is shedding at different stages, you can understand how lashes applied in this way can connect multiple lashes that are at different lash cycle stages.

For this reason these lashes should not be brushed or combed through. This includes mascara and must be removed strictly after 2 to 3 weeks to ensure that they do not pull your natural lashes out prematurely.

Express Lashes Infills

Very importantly – Express lashes should not be infilled. You run the risk of tangling that can lead to balding of the natural lashes. The long and short of this means no lash extensions for a while as you will have nothing to apply lashes to.





What to expect from a lash extension service

One key thing with both types of lashes is that a good lash technician will apply lashes that are the correct length and weight for your natural lashes. It is not a case of 1 size fits all. Too heavy and they twist and droop, whilst a uniform length can look like a pantomime cow!

Lashes should look natural. A natural set of lashes are applied shorter near the inner eye, medium in the centre, longer towards the edges of the eye to flick out and then medium again on the very outer edges. Have a look at your natural lashes or google a few eye images and you will see this is a totally natural look for lashes.


6 Tips to remember about Lash Extensions

  1. Seek a qualified certified lash technician. Check reviews or ask for recommendations.
  2. The salon and therapist should follow clean and hygienic working practices – eyes can pick up infection very easily. If the salon isn’t clean or you don’t think the lash technician is following good hygiene practices, find another salon.
  3. Your therapist should explain clearly how eyelash extensions work and the choices available to you.
  4. Understand the lash service being offered and how to care for the lashes afterwards – are you having one lash on one lash application or express lashes.
  5. You should receive full aftercare on how to care for your lashes including what products are suitable for lash extension wear.
  6. If you ask for one on one application and they take less than 1.5 hours, the odds are they are not applied as 1 lash on 1 lash. This can damage your natural lashes so ensure that you get these removed and reapplied every 2 – 3 weeks.

Remember, your eyes are so precious. Don’t trust just anyone to apply your lash extension and please care for them properly so you can enjoy hassle free, beautiful lashes.


Quote of the Day

“Everyone knows I am a lash girl by now. When I don’t have my lashes I feel naked”

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