Hot Stone Massage

by Lucy Williams – Spa Massage specialist at Studio 8 Beauty.




The Benefits of Hot Stone Massage


Are you in need of some relaxation ?

Have you been suffering from pain or stressed out ?


Did you know that combining hot stones with massage provides a very healing and effective experience and that hot stones have a relaxing & sedative effect that can help:

    • Relieve chronic pain.
    • Reduce stress.
    • Promote a deeper level of relaxation.


Client receiving a Hot Stone Massage



What exactly is a hot stone massage ?


Well, it’s not just something for the winter season as it can be a fantastic treatment at any time. We so often hear from our clients, “oh I don’t fancy that, you just lay them on the body and leave them don’t you?” Well actually, no we don’t.

However, it’s such a shame that this perception of the treatment is so wrong and often mislead by the pictures that you see on the internet of hot stones massage. And that is because we would NEVER just leave stones on you without having used them to enhance your massage and it’s not just to keep you warm.

We actually use them directly to massage you. The stones are used in combination with traditional massage techniques that results in an amazing massage experience. It can be used at any time of the year.

I personally love hot stone massage so much, that I would say it’s my favourite treatment.




Why have a Hot Stone Massage Treatment ?


Five reasons why a hot stone massage would benefit you are that:

    1. It helps relieve stress.
    2. You will feel very relaxed.
    3. Improves circulation.
    4. Reduces swelling & is anti-inflammatory.
    5. Warms and soothes tired, achy muscles.



How can it help to relieve Stress and Tension ?


A lot of clients come to us for a massage to relax, but many want something more than just relaxation. Often they want to have stress and tension worked out of their shoulders and lower back.

However, if stress and tension has built up, this can be quite sore depending on the amount of build-up of tension. By combining the hot stones and massaging with hands this adds heat to the muscle, which is a bit like hot water bottle on a tummy ache. It’s the same principle. In fact, once the muscle feels the warmth, they relax and will let go of the tension.

As a massage therapist, I can work 10 times deeper into the muscle using the stones but without added pain.

Hot stones are particularly great for relaxation and deep tissue work. They work as an extension of the therapist’s hand to provide a full massage.

The only time the stones are placed on different parts of your body is when the therapist works on another part of the body. At that point the therapists will place the hot stones over a towel to deeply penetrate the muscles with the heat. This will provide added relaxation.





What other benefits can the treatment provide ?


As an added bonus, hot stones have been proven to hasten injury recovery time. This is because, as the heat expands the blood vessels, it increases circulation and brings fresh oxygenated blood to the muscles. This helps to remove toxins & reduces swelling and inflammation that consequently calms the nervous system.

Hot stone massage is also great for Clients with fibromyalgia, arthritis, back pain, stress, insomnia and depression. You can however just have hot stone massage for a more enhanced relaxation.




So do you fancy trying hot stone massage now you know there is more to it than stones placed on your back ?


If you fancy something a bit different and more exotic, we have hot lava shell massage which uses clam shaped shells and are filled with an organic and self-heating bag. They have the benefit that that the shape of the shells edges allow the therapist to reach even those hard to reach tension areas around the shoulder blades (scapula), which when combined with an exotic massage oil will take you to faraway shores and provide the ultimate in luxury massage techniques.




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