Ready … Steady … Holiday prep … go!

 by Lisa Young – Salon Director

Feet on HolidayThe summer holiday season is in full swing so if you are looking for a few tips to get your skin glowing and perfectly prepared all with the least maintenance for your holiday here are a few Studio 8 tips:


Waxing is the perfect way to ditch the razor on holiday. Get your waxing done with a good quality wax such as Lycon and you will be confident that you will be hair free for your holiday. Once you have tried waxing, you’ll never go back to the razor. It’s so easy but if you have been waxing you may need a couple of waxing sessions to get your regrowth even as shaving often cuts hairs at different lengths. Waxing is perfect for a smooth long lasting finish for bikini line waxing and underarms that will last all holiday. If you are feeling really brave then why not try a Hollywood or Brazilian wax to ensure total sunbathing and swimming confidence.

Buff & Polish

Exfoliation is not just for faces, so why not treat your body to a full body exfoliation ? Exfoliation is fantastic for getting your blood circulating, bringing fresh oxygen and nutrients to your skin to nourish it. Exfoliation also gives your skin a radiance and healthy appearance that helps your skincare products to absorb into the skin. Better still, your moisturisers go further, as they can really penetrate into your skin.

Get Ready to Glow

Who says you can’t cheat and have that sun kissed look, so you don’t look like the Brit on the beach on the 1st day of their holiday? With a choice of self-tanning treatments for salon and home use, anyone can have a fresh tanned look without the sun. Try Sienna X award winning products and professional treatments to get a head start on your tan without the sun. If you have left it to the last minute, try Sienna X “Tonight’s the Night fast tan” that develops in 2 – 4 hours to get that beautifully natural looking bronzed tan. At Studio 8, we recommend tanning the day before you leave to allow time for it to develop and have any waxing done 24 hours before tanning. If you are looking for something to do yourself at home, try Sienna X home use products, a fabulous range of lush smelling self-tanning products that are kind and gentle on your skin and look really natural.

Check out this video on YouTube for the best ways to apply Sienna X:

Finishing Touches

Fingers and Toes

Looking for low maintenance nails on holiday – then look no further than gel polish … the best invention yet! Gone are the days of waiting for polish to dry, you can now have instantly dried nails and high shine! Jessica GELeration and Gelish Gel polish come in a variety of colours, from neon brights to perfect pastels, there is something for everyone. Popular Gels this season are the bright oranges and pinks as well as a variety of glitters, so your fingers and toes really get some attention this summer holiday!


Try a a full brow service Brow by Mii and get your brows looking their best every day with low maintenance. Brows define your face and lift your eyes. A good brow shape always looks fantastic with a glowing tan and minimal make up. Tinting is fabulous for picking up those fine downy hairs to create a fuller look and depth to your brows. This means that once you start to develop your tan you can get away with the minimal of makeup and only need a sweep of lipstick or lip gloss to complete your look.


Fed up with thin wispy lashes or running mascara every time you go in the pool or even the scrub to get the waterproof mascara off at the end of the day? Then why not try lash extensions. Perfect for holidays, express lash extensions last 2-3 weeks and define your eyes, which means no need for makeup or mascara. You need to have a patch test 24 hours prior to application, so make sure you plan ahead to ensure you are ready for your treatments.

Quote of the Day

“Bronzed and lazy days with late nights and loads of fun. Holiday memories last a life time and makes working all year seem worthwhile!”



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