What Is … Gel Polish ?


 Gel Polish Pink Nails

Gel polish over the last few years has hit the beauty industry like a storm and totally transformed the way we do manicures.

Currently 90% of nail services at Studio 8 are with Gel polish.




So what exactly is Gel polish and why is it so popular ?

Gel polish is a professional salon treatment with the following benefits:

  • Perfect nails for 2-3 weeks with long-lasting high gloss shine.
  • Durable yet flexible and protects the Natural Nail.
  • Non-chip finish & no smudging.
  • Super-fast drying times.

There are lots of fabulous gel colours. Your manicure looks absolutely perfect as it creates an amazing smoothness and perfection to the nail. There are even glitter effect gels to customise your manicure and add a bit of your own personality to your manicure such as a Russian Manicure (ring finger a different colour or effect to complement the other nails) or French polish (nude nail bed and white tips or go wild with different colours) or even Ombré or colour graduated effects. Why not add an extra twist to your manicure with Swarovski crystals and special effects encapsulated in Gel ?


What makes Gel polish so different to nail polish?

You get instantly dried nails – no waiting to dry which means you can get on with your day as soon as you leave the manicure desk. Gel is great for weddings and holidays as it is much more durable that traditional polish and will last for several weeks without chipping. No longer do you need to leave your nails to the last minute to ensure they look their best for your special occasion.


How long does a gel polish application last?

A Gel manicure normally lasts 2-3 weeks depending on how you treat them. We advise minimising putting your hands in washing up water without gloves and that you are careful about what body and hand creams you use. Creams containing lanolin and mineral oils (such as body butters) can weaken the polish and lift the nails. We recommend avoiding putting these products near the nails.


How is Gel Polish removed?

Gel polish needs to be removed by soaking and takes approximately 10-15 mins. To avoid damage to the natural nails, polish should never be peeled off. Home kits are available and are quite simple to use and very useful if you want to reduce the time spent in the salon. Gel Polish can be reapplied immediately after removal time and time again.


Is Gel polish safe?

The treatment involves curing the Gel polish to fix it. There are 2 methods:

  • LED Light – which has no health implications. Curing takes 10-30 seconds each coat.
  • UV Light – is the same light as the sun so there has been some bad press about the safety of this system for regular use. Curing takes 2-3 minutes each coat.


Studio 8 are proud to use Jessica GELeration with LED Light curing to ensure client safety and a reduced treatment time.
Tip – Be careful of cheap unfamiliar brands of gel polishes as they may contain harmful ingredients and are not as durable as the better professional brands. Make sure you know what is being used on your nails and that your manicurist spritzes with sanitiser before application.


What is GELeration?

GELeration is the next generation of soak-off gel nail systems used in high quality Salons and Spas throughout the world. It was created with the nurture of the natural nail in mind, protecting your nails, whilst offering weak, bitten or problem nails the opportunity to grow underneath the gel. The soft Gel enables the natural nail to flex yet is still durable. Additional benefits are:

  • Simple removal – soaks off in 10-15 minutes.
  • No odour, no Formaldehyde, Phyhalates or DBP.
  • Can be used with other Jessica natural nail products for complete nail care.


A Gel Polish costs from £25 for a File & Polish. If you would like to know more or to book an appointment to experience Gel polish for yourself please contact the salon on 023 92 380692.

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