Power up your Facials and enhance your results

 by Lisa Young – Salon Director

Facials ModelTraditional facials using steam, hot cloths and a variety of products prepared by the therapist using specific natural ingredients such as kaolin, Fuller’s earth and rose water now seem a bit basic against today’s modern age intelligent, prescriptive and results driven facials.

Botox, fillers and lasers, mean that today’s beauty consumers expect fast, dramatic results, but it can mean the use of invasive procedures often with downtime.

A downside to using these treatments alone is that they do not address skin health, which is just as important to create a young and youthful look to the skin. However, when used in combination with Botox and fillers, professional facials create even better results yet they can still provide a relaxing and indulging treatment.

Today’s age conscious Client is starting to appreciate the hidden benefits of the traditional facial now with a modern twist. Facials are now increasingly being used in conjunction with Botox, lasers and injectables to effectively transform the quality and texture of skin to provide more youth-enhancing results. The trend is now leaning away from extreme invasive treatments towards a combination of injectables and facials or even towards advanced electrical facials without injectables and still getting fantastic results.


So what can a facial do for you?

A good Professional facial provides:

    • Instant lift.
    • Tightening and contouring.
    • Radiance and freshness to the skin.
    • Hydration and moisture.

There are a variety of treatments on the market today. They use and enhance the skins’ natural ability to regenerate by giving it a boost to produce its own elastin, hydration and collagen by tapping into some pretty smart natural processes within the skin combined with good skincare products and technology.


Why Does Skin Age?

As skin ages its natural metabolism slows down and it:

    • Produces less collagen.
    • Elastin levels reduce.
    • Skin sags and droops.
    • Pores increase in size.


A good Professional facial can help the skin and muscles to behave as they did when it was younger thus providing the following benefits:

    • Healthy Muscle Tone and skin health.
    • Increased blood flow bringing fresh oxygen and nutrients to the face.
    • External massage to facial muscles that increase their health and slow the accumulation of wrinkles.
    • Detoxification of the skin creating a clearer complexion.


A good skincare therapist knows how to massage the muscles and how to treat the skin. This is because they have an understanding of anatomy (especially facial muscles and skin) and use this knowledge during their treatment so you will get the most benefit out of your facial.

For example, a facial massage can make muscles contract and shorten, which improves circulation and lymph flow, all of which promotes radiance. This can be done manually or electrically using micro current.

CACI facials combine a patented micro current to increase penetration of the products we apply, with hands-on massage. LED (light-emitting diodes) stimulate and energise the skins metabolic rate also stimulating regeneration of skin cells. Ultrasound to minimises pores, reduces fine lines and flushes out toxins.

Clients can see results after just 1 facial. After several facials the appearance of fine lines around the eyes decreases dramatically.


Other electrical techniques stimulate the skins tissue for deep cleansing, exfoliation and deep feeding of the skin to push collagen and other beneficial nutrients deep into the skin such as:

    • Galvanic desincrustation & iontophoresis – deep cleanses, exfoliates and deep feeds the skin.
    • Ultrasound – deep cleanses, exfoliates and deep feeds the skin.
    • High frequency – provides skin tightening and contouring, can stimulate aging skin and provide relief for problem skin by killing the bacteria that leads to spots and blemishes.

Advanced Facial Peels and exfoliation methods such as ultra-sonic and microdermabrasion will soften fine lines and lessen pigmentation.


At Studio 8 Beauty we use the Dermalogica Skincare range as the treatments are designed to be bespoke and prescriptive to each individual. This provides a service that addresses the individual client’s key skin concerns rather than a general off the shelf approach to skincare. Used alongside electrical techniques (subject to contraindication) helps the Clients discover their natural skin health with improved skin tone and texture and natural radiance.

So if you’re looking to get more from your skin, want to avoid Botox and injectables, or simply want to give your skin a boost alongside your current treatments then give us a call on 023 9238 0692 and see what we can do for you.


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