Electrolysis – Permanent Hair Removal

by Lisa Young

CEO at Studio 8 Beauty


Unwanted hair growth on the face & chin as well as can be very distressing as well as impacting self-confidence but there is an effective treatment available.


Did you know thatelectrolysis is the only recognised & proven method of permanent hair removal to permanently remove hair from all skin tones !



What is Electrolysis ?

Electrolysis is a treatment method that permanently destroys the hair follicle.

This is carried out by using a super fine needle which is carefully inserted into the hair follicle and, by using a blend of diathermy and galvanic, destroys the hair follicle so that it does not regrow. The hair will not grow back because the treatment permanently destroys the hair follicles.




Did you know that … electrolysis is the only method of hair removal for grey, white hairs & lighter blonde hair types ?


This means that electrolysis offers permanent hair removal for a variety of hair & skin colour combinations, which means that it can be used safely anywhere on the body (except inside the ears & nose).

Popular treatment areas for electrolysis are:

  • Facial areas such as the lip, the chin, the beard and neck hair.
  • Larger areas such as the bikini area, underarms, the legs and back.



IPL & Laser vs electrolysis

So I hear you say why can’t I just have laser or IPL ?

Well, laser and IPL are reliant on targeting the melanin in the hair. However, when hair is lighter, blonde or white, this is not possible as the melanin intensity, or hair colour, is either absent or low. This means for clients with grey, white or lighter hair, laser & IPL is not suitable.

It’s not that we do not recommend IPL or laser, as we do generally do for permanent hair reduction for larger areas, as it is quicker and more comfortable. The trade-off however, is that IPL is offers reduction as opposed to electrolysis which offers permanent hair removal.

This means, that if IPL or laser is chosen over electrolysis, it is on the understanding that occasional maintenance may be needed in the event that dormant hair follicles are activated over time.

You can read more here on our IPL and Laser Treatments post.

Another consideration is that IPL & Laser carries a higher risk of burning and skin pigmentation. The perfect candidate for IPL & laser is therefore fair skin and dark hair, whereas electrolysis can be used on all skin types and hair colouring. However, in IPL & laser’s defence if carried out by a skilled and competent laser practitioner IPL & laser can be safe & effective.



Why choose electrolysis treatments at Studio 8

We like to offer our our clients variety of solutions. Electrolysis treatments at Studio 8 Beauty are carried out to ensure optimum results:

  • Treatments are carried out by a skilled & qualified electrologist.
  • In clean, modern & private treatment room.
  • We use professional sterilised & sealed high quality, disposable probes.


Electrolysis Treatment



What electrolysis machine do we use ?

At Studio 8 Beauty we use the Sterex SX-B epilator, which is the Gold standard in electrolysis systems & renowned worldwide for its performance, delivering treatments in both short wave diathermy, Galvanic & blend.

The result is that the machine allows treatment to be tailored specifically to the client’s individual needs whilst ensuring highly effective and permanent results.



Who can have electrolysis treatments ?

Treatments are available for all gender identities.



Do I need a consultation ?

We offer an initial free consultation appointment, where we discuss your needs and agree a a suitable treatment plan.



How many treatments will I require?

The number of treatments will vary depending on the cause of hair growth, strength & density the of hair growth, as well as your treatment expectations and desired outcome of treatment.



How can I book a consultation for electrolysis?

Book online at https://studio8beauty.zenoti.com/webstoreNew/services or call the salon on 023 92 380 691

Studio 8 Beauty 1000 Lakeside Cosham Portsmouth PO6 3EN.


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