Double cleanse method – what’s that all about ?



Dermalogica-double-cleanse-methodHave you heard about Dermalogica’s double cleanse method ?

Dermalogica’s double cleanse method is fantastic for getting the dirt and grime out of your skin therefore preventing breakouts.

So how does the double cleanse method work ?

Well, here’s what you do …  firstly you cleanse your skin twice in the morning and then twice at night with Dermalogica Precleanse. You then follow this up with your prescribed cleanser.

The first one is an oil based cleanser that removes makeup, oil, sweat, and debris. It’s applied directly on to dry skin and then massaged into the skin. Then it’s emulsified with water and finally rinsed off.  You then follow this up with a 2nd cleanse that actually cleans your skin.

And the results ?  …  A cleaner, clearer skin ! So why not give it a try now and find out for yourself. You will be amazed at the results and so will your skin.

Please call the salon on 023 9238 0692 where one of our Dermalogica Skincare experts will be happy to talk to you and explain the benefits in more detail. You can the book your complimentary “Consultation and try out the products” at our Dermalogica Skin Bar based within Studio 8 beauty.

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