4 Steps to Dewy Skin !

By Lisa Young – Salon Director


Dewy skin is all the rage. It’s fabulous on those lazy summer days, when you don’t want to wear too much make up but show off your natural skin instead.

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Key to dewy skin is the power of touch! Massage touch techniques are no secret in the professional beauty world and you can still experience the transformative power that a skilled face massage can deliver at home.

These movements will give your skin a wake-up call that will help it look and feel fresher as well as function better.

With a little bit of guidance, you too can learn to apply movements on certain facial points as part of your homecare routine.

But remember, not all face massages are created equal.

There are controversial “face yoga” or alternative facial exercises that claim to tighten and lift, which, if not done properly, may lead to skin stretching or wrinkle formation.

This is where expert guidance can help educate you in the best way to deliver your DIY facial massage and get your skin looking fresh and rejuvenated.


Facial Muscles

Did you know that the human face itself has over 40 muscles! Many of these are responsible for facial expression, which means they can often become tender at times due to stress or fatigue.

As we age, the strength and tone of these muscles will slacken. So face massage movements can be really effective for firming and toning areas of the face and neck.

One technique, called acupressure, works great on face muscles. The acupressure technique uses your fingers to apply a gentle (yet effective) pressure to key points on the surface of the skin to help relieve headaches, eye strain, sinus problems, neck pain and many other ailments.

These simple yet healing acupressure movements reduce:

    • Reduce tension
    • Increases circulation
    • Enables deep relaxation

Furthermore, acupressure massage promotes “Manual Lymphatic Drainage” (MLD). This stimulates the movement of the lymphatic fluids to detoxify the body with a gentle, rhythmical technique. This activity enhances the effectiveness of your immune system and assists with pain reduction.

So with that in mind, Dermalogica has designed a relaxing and rejuvenating do-it-yourself face massage, which incorporates acupressure and drainage techniques to:

    • Boost circulation
    • Boost detoxification
    • Smooth fine lines
    • Alleviate muscle tension

This DIY massage works best when used in conjunction with a therapeutic oil. Why not try Dermalogica’s Phyto Replenish Oil, which is a fabulous facial oil that uses powerful phytoactive ingredients such as Camellia Japonica Seed Oil, Tamanu Oil, Orchid Flower Extract and Chia Seed Oil.

The end result ? Radiant, energized, healthy, dewy skin.





DIY Facial Massage Technique




Iron out those forehead creases

This movement relaxes tension in the forehead.

Place your fingertips together in the middle of the forehead and, with elbows out, press firmly. With your fingers together glide outwards towards your temples using a slight pressure, press and release.

Repeat 3 times.




Reduce Puffy Eyes

This movement is fantastic after a long flight or even a long night!

Using your index or middle finger, press between the brows (this is known as a power spot and as the “Third Eye” in holistic therapy.

Gently stroke over brows, around the eyes, and returning to the centre again. Then use your fingertips to slide in an “S” shape between the brows to release tension. Alternate between presses and S’s.

Repeat 3 times each, for a total of 6 movements.




Relieve Sinuses

Use your index or middle finger beside each nostril, press, release and slide to the small hollow just under the cheekbone (divot) and press gently. Using both hands glide outwards towards your ears and lightly press in the hollow right beside the ear. A bit of tenderness is normal as circulation boosts and detoxification takes place.

Repeat 3 times.




The Jaw Relaxer

A great movement for jaw clenchers !

Teeth grinding or clenching your teeth can be damaging to your teeth as well as creating massive headaches and cracked fillings.

Beginning in the centre of chin, with flat fingers, move your fingers in small circles upward along the jawline and stop just below the ear. Gently press and lightly move fingers down the neck . This is a great movement to help with lymphatic drainage. Open your fingers toward the collarbone as you go.

Repeat 3 times.

If you want to see how this works why not watch this video to see the massage in action!

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