The power of Crystal Healing Massage


by Lucy Wheaton – Studio 8 Beauty Senior Massage & Holistic Therapist.



Do you feel out of balance, restless or lacking focus?


Maybe you struggle to make decisions or to speak up about your opinions or needs and end up going with the flow and regretting it?

We all can feel out of kilt from time to time but sometimes a little holistic me time can go a long way and makes a change from shopping therapy or over indulgence!

The power of crystal healing could easily be dismissed as mumbo jumbo.

However, when you understand the basis for the technique and its origins, you could just change your mind and uncover an amazing experience of relaxation and self-awareness.


Crystal Healing Chakra Chart



So what exactly is crystal healing and how can it benefit you, your body and your mind?


Here is a little insight into the therapy and the benefits that it can bring. It is by no means a total guide to crystal healing as a holistic therapist can take months or years to train. But it serves to give you a little insight in to an alternative treatment that can bring you more in touch with yourself and your personal needs and bring about a new approach to your relaxation and well-being.





What is crystal healing?


Crystal healing is known as a pseudoscience or an alternative medicine technique. It uses semi-precious stones and crystals such as:

    • Quartz
    • Amethyst
    • Opal
    • Moonstone
    • Agate
    • Citrine


The treatment session involves placing various crystals and minerals on or around a fully clothed or covered client in order to:

    • induce deep relaxation.
    • release stress and pain.
    • Re-balance energy within the body.


Crystal healing focuses on Chakra points on the body and works to remove any blockage in the chakra point therefore enabling energy to flow freely.

It is suggested that crystals can have healing powers. Although there is no scientific basis for this claim, Most clients claim they experience enhanced relaxation and a feeling of well being.





What are Chakras?


Have you ever heard people talking about auras? And thought “what are they going on about, that’s all new age hippie rubbish isn’t it”?

Have you been for an Indian head massage and been asked by the therapist what colours you can see?

Maybe you have heard someone referring to their third eye chakra being blocked?

Well all will be revealed as I’m here to explain what chakras are and the difference between open and blocked chakras.





History of Crystal Healing


The use of chakra healing originated in India between 1500 and 500 BC. It is used in a number of treatments and rituals by Reiki masters, in yoga and by holistic healers and therapists.

“Chakra” in its literal translation means WHEEL and refers to a spiritual energy centre within the body. There are 7 in total that align through the body from the base of your spine to the crown of your head. (See the image above)

The chakras correspond to specific organs that reflect the states of being and influence all areas of your life such as:

    • Physical
    • Emotional
    • Psychological
    • Spiritual


When our chakras are aligned and open you will experience the ultimate pure healing energy that’s all around us and within us. This is believed to keep us healthy and happy.

Below is a chart of where the chakras are on the body and you can feel if your chakras are blocked.





Table of the Chakras


Chakra Where What it influences When it’s blocked you may experience:
Crown Chakra Head Self-knowledge, spirituality & connection to the divine. Lack or spiritual connection, difficulty meditating & aimlessness.
Third Eye Chakra Eye Self-reflection, intuition & clarity of sight. Poor intuition , difficulty making decisions & lack of inspiration.
Throat Chakra Neck Self-expression, communication & integrity. Difficulty communicating your thoughts & speaking your truth.
Heart Chakra Heart/middle of chest Social identity, love and relationships. Difficulty in relationships, lack of compassion & hopelessness.
Solar Plexus Chakra Navel Ego identity, personal power & ambition. Low self-esteem, lack of willpower, fear of rejection.
Sacral Chakra Above Genitals Emotional identity, creativity & desire. Creates creative blocks, intimacy issues & inability to flow with change.
Root Chakra Below genitals Physical identity, stability & sense of safety. Anxiety, lack of physical energy, a sense of being ungrounded.





Healing & Opening Blocked Chakras


So how does crystal healing help to heal and open blocked chakras?


Well, first you need the right environment and set the scene so you can get in tune with your self-awareness.

To open your chakras, you must first be aware and in tune with them. This can seem impossible with everything that is distracting us in day to day life, especially all the technology that seems to control our lives. So get ready for a digital detox and find yourself time to create a quiet haven for thought & reflection. Turn off your phone and be prepared to forget about the stress of everyday life even if it’s just for a small amount of time.




The Crystal Healing Treatment


In the salon, what we do when we perform a chakra or crystal healing treatment is to create a dark environment (often lights out except for soft aromatherapy lights and scents). This is to help you lay quietly in the darkness and just be aware of how you are feeling

The therapist will help you to focus on each part of your body, physically and emotionally at each of the relevant chakra points.


Commencing the treatment

It is customary to sound 3 chimes to let your know your treatment has started. This is followed by slow deep massage movements to begin to put you into a deep sense of relaxation.

You will be guided to breathe in slowly, and as you breath out, become aware of and feel the tension letting go.

7 crystals will then be placed on the chakra points. The energy of the crystals, with the healing power of the therapist will start to open your chakras.

You may see colours of each chakra as they are worked on.


Concluding the Treatment

Three further chimes will tell you when the treatment is finished.

You will remain laying in a deep state of relaxation and focusing on the senses and feelings of your body and mind. During this time, the therapist leaves to get you a glass of water whilst you reflect and relax.

Finally, the crystals are removed and with it any negative energy is thrown away.

You’ll be gently sat up, where you can quietly drink your water as the therapist discusses the treatment with you. She will ask you if you saw any colours or felt any sensation as the chakras were worked on. Your responses will help the therapist conclude which chakra point was most relevant to you.

You can discuss this further with your therapist if you wish. This will help you to understand why this chakra point is blocked and what’s the cause could be.




Interested in trying Crystal Healing ?


If this sounds intriguing and you can relate to any of the feelings and moods in the chart, then please contact us. We can book you in for a mindfulness and relaxation massage or even an Indian head Chakra Massage with Lucy. Both these treatments use the chakras for healing and to bring balance to you.

To book your Chakra Healing treatment or Consultation please call Studio 8 Beauty on 02392 380 692 or click here to go to our treatment booking portal where you will find Chakra Healing Massage treatments under the Holistic section.

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