Considering Bikini Waxing, but not quite sure ?

By Jaime Godfrey – Salon Therapist


Image of Lady before bikini waxingWe have worked extremely hard Here at Studio 8 to build an excellent reputation for the waxing services we offer and in doing so are considered one of the best salons for waxing services in the Portsmouth area.

We offer only high quality hot wax and strip wax treatments as a Salon, using the professional Perron Rigot brand. Using skilled techniques and the best aftercare products enables us to offer what we are confident is the best waxing service in Portsmouth.

This is because the therapists here at Studio 8 Beauty are waxing specialists who have mastered the art of ensuring clients receive a comfortable waxing experience every time. So even when it comes to the delicate bikini area, you really need to make sure you are working with the best.



Here are some of our top waxing tips for the best waxing experience in town




So why choose waxing?


The benefits of having waxing is that it is:

  • Quick.
  • Relatively pain free.
  • Longer lasting.
  • Affordable.
  • Regular waxing makes the hair growth finer and you won’t get a stubbly regrowth.


Most salons nowadays offer a full range of waxing services. If you choose a quality salon such as Studio 8 Beauty, that has good hygiene standards, a quality waxing system and top notch training you will be in safe hands. It is always important therefore to do your research before booking a waxing treatment.




Check out the quality of the wax used and the Salon Standards


Research the Salon in advance and read their client reviews. Ask your friends which Salon they go to for their waxing treatments. If you are looking for intimate bikini waxing such as Hollywood wax or a Brazilian wax you need to ensure that you are in safe hands.

  • Does the salon use a premium branded waxing product ?
  • Do they have a no double dipping policy ? (This is very important for hygiene)
  • Are the staff trained in the treatment you wish to have ?


At Studio 8 Beauty, all of our staff are intimate waxing trained & experienced. We have a strict no double dipping experience for hot waxing. This means that the same spatula is never dipped back in the wax pot after it has been on your skin. You can therefore have peace of mind that we follow the strictest hygiene standards.



Hot Wax vs Strip Wax


Hot wax does not use a strip to remove hair. Instead, the treatment uses a pre-wax oil applied before the wax is applied. Once it has set sufficiently, the wax is then pulled off. There is no pulling on the skin because the pre-oil prevents this and instead shrink wraps around the hairs. It is a more expensive waxing treatment than strip waxing but worth the extra as it reduces the risk of trauma on the skin and makes for a more comfortable treatment.

Hot wax is the best for all types of bikini waxing as well as for treatments on the face and underarms.

We advise to never have strip waxing on the face, underarm or bikini as it’s far too harsh for the delicate skin in those areas. Using strip waxing on the face can also lead to skin pigmentation especially the upper lip area.

At Studio 8 Beauty we use only hot wax for all bikini waxing as well as upper lip wax, chin wax and underarm waxing. We use Perron Rigot strip wax for legs, arms, chests and backs.




How to Prepare for your Waxing Treatment


Are there any products you shouldn’t use before or after a wax ?


Well yes … and we’d also recommend that before you have a waxing treatment:Image of model after bikini waxing

  • Don’t use any body lotion or oils.
  • You do not have a fake tan.
  • Don’t have a hot shower.
  • Do not exercise immediately before waxing.
  • Arrive calm and cool as skin has a habit of reacting when.
  • You tell your waxing therapist during the consultation of any medication you are taking.
  • Tell your waxing therapist if you have been on a strict diet for weight loss or medical reasons.


After your treatment, always follow the aftercare for the next 24 hours !




Waxing Aftercare


For the next 24 hours after all waxing treatments, to prevent the possibility of a nasty skin reaction, you should avoid:

  • Exercise.
  • Swimming.
  • Sauna & steam rooms.
  • Sun exposure.
  • Close contact with the area.


In addition, for lip or eyebrow waxing:

  • Avoid touching your face to prevent break outs.
  • Avoid makeup for 12 hours post waxing (unless it is 100% mineral powder, which can be used immediately after treatment).


To get the most from your treatments, we highly recommend using Perron Rigot Double Scrub or Lycon Anti bump to prepare the skin a few days before waxing and then once a week after waxing (wait 48 hours after treatment to do your first double scrub). We also recommend that immediately before and a few days after your waxing treatment, use Perron Rigot Ingrown Hair Serum to help soothe the skin post waxing.

If you’re unsure of anything ask your therapist before you leave the salon.





Waxing Treatments – Frequently asked Questions


How long does hair need to be for waxing treatments ?

Ideally, couple of millimetres of growth. If you’ve been shaving, try and leave it as long as you can. This is because the hair can often be uneven from shaving, 3 weeks is usually best for most people.

If you’re a regular waxer, between 4 to 6 weeks is best for repeat appointments to ensure that you hit the optimal part of the growth cycle to pull out the live root.

Remember, if it’s your first waxing experience, waxing can take a few cycles to be most effective but once you have established your growth cycle your waxing should last 4-5 weeks. Wax too early and you will not remove all the hairs correctly leading to uneven growth.



Should you trim your hair before a bikini wax ?

Don’t bother trimming before you get waxed in case you trim it too short. If the hair is very long your waxing therapist can always trim it for you if needed.



Does waxing hurt ?

This all depends on the individual and a number of other factors. Feeling unwell or during the time of the month, you may find you are more sensitive than usual.

A good quality wax like Perron Rigot and an experienced waxing therapist however will usually make your waxing experience more comfortable with little pain. In fact we have many clients that cannot believe how comfortable their waxing treatments are, especially Hollywood and Brazilian waxing.



Are there any ways to make it hurt less ?

Painkillers can sometimes make it worse due to the caffeine content, which it can make your skin more sensitive. The same can be said if you drink excessive coffee, so try to cut down if you do.

It will also help if you:

  • Try and relax when you have the treatment.
  • Go to a salon that uses a quality waxing range.
  • Make sure the waxing therapist is trained & experienced (especially for intimate waxing as this is a separate training to standard waxing).



Can you go for a bikini wax if you’re on your period ?

Yes, just wear a tampon, but remember that you may be a little bit more sensitive than usual.



What’s the difference between regular, Brazilian and Hollywood waxing ?

A regular bikini wax is a tidy up, keeping you tidy around your knicker line. You will be given some disposable knickers to put on for your treatment.

Brazilian wax leaves a strip of hair in the front and a Hollywood leaves no hair at all.

With intimate waxing such Brazilian or Hollywood waxing, you will need to remove your underwear as your waxing treatment will involve the removal of all or most of the pubic hair in the areas being waxed. If you are worried about feeling uncomfortable during the treatment, there is no need to be. A professionally trained waxing therapist will always work in a way that protects your modesty so you won’t feel awkward. In fact, many of our clients cannot believe how quick the time goes and how comfortable they felt with their waxing therapist.



What are ingrown hairs and how do you prevent in-grown hairs ?

Ingrown hairs occur when the hair curls back under the skin, grows sideways under the skin or sometimes where the pores are blocked withe dead skin cells that need exfoliating.

The best way to treat and prevent them is with gentle exfoliation 48 hours after waxing and the regularly a few times a week. Salicylic acid or glycolic acid is the most effective ingredient as it chemically exfoliates the skin without causing any friction or breaking weaker hairs. It is also anti-inflammatory.



How long will my waxing appointment take ?

This depends on the type of waxing treatment you have and the amount of hair to be removed.

As a guide:

  • Facial waxing on average will take about 15 minutes.
  • Brazilian or Hollywood waxing takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes.
  • A full leg wax will take around 45 minutes.



How can I best prepare before my waxing treatment ?

  • Get waxed regularly. we recommend every 4-6 weeks. The hairs will gradually become finer with regular waxing and you will feel it less.
  • Avoid caffeine and painkillers.
  • Choose someone experienced who knows what they’re doing.
  • Don’t trim or shave in between waxes or you will be straight back to step 1 trying to establish a waxing cycle.



What should I wear to my waxing appointment ?

You should attend your appointment wearing loose comfortable clothes (and underwear if getting a bikini wax). This is to avoid friction in the waxed area and to keep the area cool after waxing.





Professional vs Home Waxing Treatments


It is sensible to avoid home waxing especially for delicate areas like the face or bikini. Don’t forget that waxing is a skill performed by trained therapists and you could end up doing more damage than it’s worth.



So there you go – Do your research, find a salon with great reviews, chat to the salon before booking in and don’t be afraid to ask them lots of questions. Word of mouth is still a great referral for a wax, so ask your friends and family who they go to.


To find out more about the waxing services we offer, please visit our Waxing treatments page.

You can also give us a call on 023 9238 0692 if you’d like more advice on waxing. You can be sure that our waxing therapists will use only the best top quality Perron Rigot waxing products and will never double dip!

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