The Dos and Don’ts for having Beauty Treatments during Pregnancy

by Lisa Young – Salon Director


image of woman wanting beauty treatments during pregnancyExpecting a baby doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to stop having beauty treatments during pregnancy or stop using your usual skincare products.

Ideas have changed over the generations as to what you can do during pregnancy, what you can eat and how you should relax. We are now at a point where there appears to be a lot of research evidence designed to aid us in making easier choices and informed decisions about what to do during pregnancy.

However, amid all the confusion of what you can and can’t do during pregnancy there are a few strong fundamental things that you should definitely take into consideration whilst pregnant, especially when it comes to your beauty routine and treatments.

Here’s our simple guide on “what’s in” and “what’s out” for your skincare routine and if you do have any beauty treatments during pregnancy.




Most people like a massage. Massage is a great treatment for most people as it can be adapted according to their specific concerns, general health & well-being. There are many health benefits to having a massage such as lymphatic drainage, elimination of toxins and relaxation and that shouldn’t be unavailable to you whilst you are pregnant, after all it’s important to keep yourself healthy during pregnancy and what better way to do it than with a massage.

You can still enjoy a massage during pregnancy but there are a few guidelines that should be observed to ensure that your massage is comfortable and safe for you and your baby. Under no circumstances should massage be carried out during the 1st trimester.

  • Massage during a normal pregnancy is ok after the 1st trimester as long as you are in good pregnancy health. Speak to your midwife next time you see her if you have any concerns.
  • Most medical professionals recommend simple light massage as a great way to relax. So you should find your healthcare professional supports holistic treatments.
  • Aromatherapy oils should not be used during pregnancy – your therapist is trained to know this and will use a base oil only during the massage.
  • You should be given a full consultation before your treatment. This is to ensure that there is nothing that prevents you having a massage such as high blood pressure or any complications associated with your pregnancy.
  • You may be asked to bring your antenatal notes to your massage session to confirm that you do not have any blood pressure problems or health issues. Alternatively you may be asked to get a Midwife or Doctors note.
  • There are some specific pregnancy massage treatments available such as MamaBabyBliss but you can have any non-branded light Swedish style massage during pregnancy.
  • Massage using heat or deep tissue is not recommended during pregnancy.
  • Specific pregnancy massage treatments such as MamaBabyBliss means that your therapist will be trained in applying specific pregnancy massage techniques. These are designed to enhance your comfort during the massage and whilst utilising different techniques that feel great during pregnancy, however, this is not essential training.




Reflexology is a form of foot massage that works on “reflex points” on the sole of the foot to create a really relaxing treatment. “Reflex points” align to specific organs and systems in the body via “energy channels”, “zones” or “meridians”. Illness or imbalance can block the flow of energy in the body. Reflexology is focused on unblocking the “energy channels” to enable the free flow of energy through the body, which results in general well-being and health.

Reflexology is great as an effective form of pain relief as well as a general relaxation. It can be taken as an individual treatment or as part of a course. During pregnancy it can be adapted and used as an effective relaxation treatment as well as to help relieve morning sickness.




Pregnancy hormones and increased blood flow can cause havoc on your skin meaning normal skin can suddenly become very sensitive. You may experience breakouts like you have never had before or your skin could look absolutely radiant, blooming and the best it’s ever looked.

Facials are one of the best beauty treatments during pregnancy. They are a great way to relax and the perfect pamper during your pregnancy. You should however make sure that your therapist knows about your pregnancy, because there are some essential oils, other products and treatment protocols used in facials that aren’t suitable for use during pregnancy.

There are a few other things that you need to consider in your skincare routine along with any treatments you may be considering. If you do also have a few fine lines or wrinkles, you should ensure that you are not using any ingredients that should not be used during pregnancy.

Things to be aware of are:

  • No electrical facials including electrolysis.
  • No facials with specific essential oils.
  • No anti-ageing ingredients such as:
    • Retinol (a form of vitamin A).
    • No Vitamin E.
    • Glycolic Acid or other AHA Skin peels.
    • Botox and fillers should not be carried out during pregnancy.
Skincare at home

Check the ingredients in your skincare products and avoid anti-ageing ingredients as well as some ingredients for problem skin. Check with your skincare therapist if you need guidance as most professional skincare ranges have an ingredients checklist or helpline.



Sunbeds and Fake Tanning

Sunbeds aren’t safe at the best of times and especially not one of the recommended beauty treatments during pregnancy. If you must have a bit of summer glow to your skin use a fake tan.

Try at home self-tanning treatments from gradual tanning to a full tan. You can even treat yourself to a professional salon treatment for a perfect pamper and finish. We recommend award winning Sienna X tanning products for their natural looking finish and skin hydration.

There is no evidence to suggest that fake tanning is not to be carried out during pregnancy and it’s far safer to have a fake tan than risk burning in the sun. Remember that hormones can make you more susceptible to burning and it can be more delicate whilst pregnant.



Manicures and pedicures

These are suitable as beauty treatments during pregnancy and can help to relax you. Opt for safe manicure and pedicure product brands such as Jessica and Jessica Geleration, which do not contain parabens, formaldehyde and artificial additives or use UV light. LED light is fine to use during pregnancy.

A pedicure is a perfect treat towards the end of your pregnancy. It can help relieve aching feet and swollen ankles, especially when you can no longer see your feet yourself. Your therapist will adapt the treatment for your pregnancy accordingly.




Your pain threshold and skin sensitivity are very different during pregnancy and some salons recommend that you don’t use waxing in the 1st trimester of pregnancy. Professional waxing products such as Lycon are amazing for even the most sensitive of skins and can be used throughout pregnancy. We find many Clients opt for something daring or even intimate towards the end of their pregnancy to be “neat and tidy” or in order to avoid the dreaded razor at the hospital. An experienced therapist can adapt the treatment to accommodate your bump and ensure your best comfort.



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